5 HTP and what it can do for you.


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5 Hydroxytryptophan (5HTP) is a great supplement in many ways. The use of 5HTP can help over come addictions, stop carb cravings, induce a more restful sleep, help with depression and anxiety.

5HTP is derived from the seed of the Griffonia plant. L-Tryptophan was banned in the 90's when it was wrongfully accused of being associated with a rare blood disorder. Although the FDA has not of yet lifted the ban, 5HTP is approved.

How does it work?

5HTP, once ingested, crosses the blood brain barrier where it is converted into serotonin, a neurotransmitter.


Once a drug (such as nicotine, alcohol and some narcotics) is discontinued, the user starts to go through withdrawl in which they go through constant nagging cravings. What happens is that once the drug is discontinued, the elevated levels of serotonin it creates drop drastically which causes cravings. 5HTP works to combat this by converting into serotonin and help stop the cravings.


Ever been on a diet and you get those carb cravings? We all have! 5HTP can be used to combat these carb cravings by satisfying the carb satiety center in the brain. Taking a dose of 5HTP 30mins prior to a meal can help reduce the amount of carbs you eat in a meal.

Researchers believe that overeating and obesity are linked to low levels of serotonin in the brain. So, supplementing with 5HTP, a serotonin precursor, can help stop over eating.


Depression is thought to be caused by a lack of serotonin in the brain. This is why Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) ,such as Zoloft, are often prescribed to depressed people. So it would make sense to up your natural levels without drugs with secondary side effects with 5HTP. Unlike many SSRIs, 5HTP has no known negative side effects.

Ever wonder why people reach for ice cream and dairy products when they are depressed? Its because these contain tryptophan. However, they also contin large amounts of carbs and fats. Use 5HTP next time instead of Ben and Jerry's.

Sleep aid and anxiety

Serotonin is a very calming nerotransmitter, this is why many rely on 5HTP to help induce a restfull nights sleep without disturbing sleeping patterns or making the user wake up grogy. Take it 1 hour before bed.

Things to avoid when using 5HTP

Avoid caffiene or anything conatining high amounts of phenylalanine (aspatame) right before tkaing. This is because phenylalanine and caffiene increase the amount of the neurotransmitter dopamine in the brain. This increase will make you feel wired and will INHIBIT the uptake of 5HTP.

Also, consult a doctor before taking 5HTP if you have a heart condition, are using anti-depressant meds, and people with sever allergies.

The usual dose of 5HTP is 100mg a day is best when taken on an empty stomach.

Hope this helps
Silverback316 said:
I was takingthis for a while to give it a shot and I ended up getting tired during the day. If I use it again I will just take it before bed because it definatley made me tired.

yup, increased levels of serotonin will tend to make you relax and become more tired. dont use in the middle or beginning of the day
Nutri-Wrestler said:
yup, increased levels of serotonin will tend to make you relax and become more tired. dont use in the middle or beginning of the day

You can...it will reduce your carb cravings!
I recommend 5htp. I use it religously every night before bed. Also, it helps me recover after I come back from a club.
I've used it for the sleep aid factor and it didn't really do anything for me. I prefer Melatonin over 5HTP.