50lbs of whey protein $199.00 on e-bay

This is the same high-quality Whey Protein Concentrate used by most top sports supplement manufacturers. This is undiluted whey protein concentrate, which means their are No additives, No preservatives, No sweeteners, No flavoring, and No fancy packaging. Just pure, virgin, unadulterated USDA whey protein concentrate direct from the original USDA licensed plant where it was manufactured. This protein is the more expensive instantized and agglomerated version which prevents clumping and makes it easy to spoon mix.

tastes like shit I bet.
no I am not selling it just seen it on e-bay looking for deals.
You Can't Buy Fresher Protein - We Guarantee it!

We guarantee this whey protein was manufactured (from the cow) on October 17, 2002. The manufacture date you see on the product you purchase from the store is not the manufacture date of the protein, but the date the protein was blended and repackaged by the supplement company.

Who knows how old it is when it finally gets to you. Just think about this; it is first stored by the USDA plant then shipped to the protein distributor where it is stored until purchased by a supplement manufacturer; from there it is shipped to the supplement manufacturer where it is stored both as a raw ingredient prior to manufacturing and again as a finished product until their distributor purchases it from them; it is then shipped to the distributor who stores until it's purchased by a retail store who keeps it in their warehouse until they finally put it on the shelf for you to purchase. How old is it when you finally use it? You'll Never Know.

Remember, you are paying $199.99 for USDA Whey Protein Concentrate that has a street value ranging from $800 to over $1500 dollars if you compare it to companies selling you the same exact protein repackaged with their labels on it.

The protein is natural with no flavoring or sweeteners added. It has very little taste, if any, so you can add it to juices, pancakes, oatmeal etc, without changing the taste. You can also use it alone by mixing it with just cold water. It won't have much taste by itself, but it also won't taste bad.

Item #2340
Whey Protein Concentrate - 50 lb. bag.
22,727 grams of Whey Protein Concentrate.
Pre-measured scoop included.
Each 50 lbs. bag contains 1195 servings (scoops).
1 scoop supplies: 19 grams of whey protein concentrate equal to 15.5 grams of pure protein.
Each serving contains less than 1 gram of carbs.
Here are some examples of approximate servings:
15 gram serving - 1 scoop - 1196 servings per bag - 16 cents per serving
31 gram serving - 2 scoops - 598 servings per bag - 33 cents per serving
46 gram serving - 3 scoops - 399 servings per bag - 50 cents per serving

Street Price: $800 to $1500
(There is no suggested retail on this item because it is sold to manufacturers only.)

Your Price: Only $199.99
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Total Package Worth: $850 Plus - You Pay only $199.99
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Nutrition Info:


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I use that place all the time bro... Health Kick... my friend owns it and he has kick ass prices.