600 mg DNP powder ed for 5 days ok ?


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I'm on day 7 of my DNP cycle , day 4 at 400mg ed.
I'll finish in 5 days and wanted to know if I must do
- 2 days at 400mg and the last 3 days at 600mg
- or 600 mg ed for 5 days is ok ?

I feel good right now, just have shorter breath & night sweats but nothing bad...
If it's tolerable, go for it...I couldn't stand that much crystal, i wouldn't be able to sleep or function very well...
I did 875 powder for about a month. It wasnt thatbad, but no picknick. Just sweated alot and was kinda tired. It was pure stuff, I made it myslef.

I wouldnt do it again though, but mostly just cause I can be going to classes soaking wet.