A ???? about halo


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A ???? about halo

ive been reading that halo is only good if you're gonna be entering a contest (bb or pl)
Why is that ??
is it b/c the gains are fleeting ?? or is the side effects too great ??


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some say its so harsh on you,I did it once and got hard and strong as a mofo,very vieny,no size gains though?thats all I know bro,I ran it at 35mgs ed for 5 weeks


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I noticed when I took it, my muscles got really hard on it. Also a little more veiny, could be because of BP though. I think Winstrol (winny) or Anavar (var) would be better, I'd only use halo if you box or something or need it for bench contest or something. I think its useless other than that.