Tren Ace 300 mg/week and Tren E 200 mg/week was too much for me


New member
I first tried Tren Ace a while ago. to test it out

I injected 300mg a week, but after only one week, I gave up. the side effects were too much for me

then when the Tren Ace left my body, I wanted to try Tren E 200 mg/week. because I only had to inject 1x a week instead of 3x. I also thought 200mg would not have any side effects like 300 mg

but even Tren E 200 mg/week was too much for me. the side effects aren't as severe as on Tren Ace, but still. I can feel them

does this mean I am very weak or is my Tren very potent?

I keep reading of people saying they take 600+ mg/week of Tren. how is that possible?


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Some people dont react good to certain compounds and others do- tren is the strongest steroid available so its not uncommon to get sides from it

Some people also may over hype symptoms


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