Accutane and GH? Have a few questions


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I just started my 5 month treatment of accutane under the supervision of my dermatologist. I am just wondering if using Growth will affect me negatively.
I am not going to Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) due to the fear that it will throw my blood levels off and then my doc will stop the treatment which is why i want to know about Hgh. Will it be safe to run along with the accutane or should i just hold off for the 5 months?

Using Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) for me is out of the question, i don't need to tax my liver anymore then it already is....

Thanks in advance
Do your 5 months of accutane,get the results you want from that,then think about what to do next!!!

As for drug interactions i havent heard anyone say that GH cant be taken with acc but do your homework and find out for yourself

I am currently 6 weeks into my accutane course (40mg pd atm but am going to be going up to 80mg pd for a month)and the results are starting to show!

what dose are you starting on and how bad is your acne?
The doc started me at 30mg of isoretonin for the first month then it is going up to 100mg because he said it goes by weight. The acne has cleared up a little since i have been going tanning but the doctor said it is only a temporary fix and i agree. i get painful cystic acne sometimes to the point of when i am benching it begins to bleed and is very uncomfortable and embarassing when wearing a white shirt. I get acne on my shoulders,chest,all on my back, neck. Needless to say it comes and goes but never goes away completely.
I'm hoping this is an end all solution but if not i hope it helps out a lot. I can deal with white heads and black heads but the large cystic acne needs to go. I already have some decent scarring from my last big breakout. I am only on day 2 so far, i have a long time to go.

What side effects are you seeing? Extremely dry skin?
Reading that is an exact mirror of what my acne is/was like.

its hard to tell what is scarring and what is not when the skin is aggravated

alot of the marks i thought were scarring have started to fade already

I would knock the tanning on the head as soon as your skin starts to dry up though otherwise you will just be encouraging scarring!

The sides so far have been chapped lips,dry skin(wich to me is good) and joint aches

appart from that no worries

did you get the acne through steroids or did you have it bad before?

Also did you get blood work done before starting the acc ?
I have always had acne ever since puberty. I have dealt with it a lot and every now and then it would flare up.
The most recent time it flared up was when i got off a cycle of tren and test e. It baisicly started when i started my PCT. It was painful to even lean back in a chair. I got amazing gains but the acne sides were def not worth it to me. I don't know if i will ever be doing tren again for that reason alone (and i didn;t sleep for shit while on it, and had horrible night sweats).......
The doctor would not even think about giving me the script until i had blood work done. I think that is the norm though because it is very harmful to your liver.