accutane questions


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at this point i dont care about the risks i just want to get rid of the damn acne ive tried everything and nothing works so im resorting to accutane. what doses are normally given and how many times a day? how long is treatment usually and are doses tapered up or down? how long does it take to notice results or side effects? does it absolutly completly rid ur body of acne for good or do u need to keep on the drug forever too see totally clear skin?

thanks guys

Depending on the severity of your acne, it could take more than 1 treatment. If it is mild, you can take 40mg/day for 30 days and see how that works and if you need to you can do another cycle like that a few months later. For severe acne, I know people who have been prescribed 80mg/day for 2 months and then if that doesn't fix it, they repeat it several months later. After the treatment, you should not develop acne again. You might get blimishes and what not but no severe, scarring acne.
Doses varies a great deal. Ive heard of people only taking 10-20mgs a day while on a cycle to keep from getting acne. And Ive heard of guys taking up to 200mgs a day for 6 months. The general guideline is around 1mg for every kilo of bodyweight.

Accutane can take anywhere from 1-2 months before you even start to see results.

Usual length of a treatment is 5-6 months.

Whether or not your acne comes back depends on a few things aswell. A few are -

The dosage you were on.
The length that you were on the treatment.
What type of acne you have ,and how severe it is.
And the cause of your acne.

If your acne is caused by steroid use ,then theres a good chance that you could get acne again after your treatment if you use steroids again. Although it usually isnt as severe as before the treatment. Many bodybuilders take 10-20mgs a day while on a cycle to keep there acne from returning. But this can be very unhealthy. Accutane can be a really harsh drug ,and combining with steroids can really mess a person up.

If you dont use steroids. And you take the proper dosage ,for a proper length of time then you most likely will not need to go through another treatment. But again this can vary from person to person ,depending on alot of different factors.

Just be sure to do your homework before you jump into accutane use. It can really raise hell on your body. And if you do decide to use accutane ,be sure to get regular blood tests to make sure your health is in check.

wow thats a big gap

10mgs to 200mgs. i guess what i will have to do is try 20mgs a day for like 2 months and see what happens. my acne is mor einflamed due to the steroid use but its always been a problem. i want to rid myself of it once and for all. what types of this should i be concerned with in terms of side effects. what should i be looking for? also what things should i be concerned with on an as cycle? is it just liver values? what are some warning signs that my dosage is too high?


I took accutane while on cycle with no problems. I started at 40mg/ED was when the derm took me off I was at 160mg ED. I was on accutane for about 3.5 months. I used Winstrol (winny), test, and tren with no problem with kidney or liver values. It did increase my cholesterol though.