ala, tylers liver, and liv 52


when u start taking these how before your liver starts
feeling a little more relieved if you will. do these lower
your liver enzymes/
whats the average dose for the tylers. i think ulter over
at elite told me two pills a day would be fine.
If you're trying to make sure your liver enzymes are down for your blood work, you're on the right track. Keep it up. And continue even after this "crisis" is past. Give the liver a break, and protect it, Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) or no AAS! beat me to it Buffdoc.....take at least 2 of them YEAR-ROUND.

I think the ALA and Milk Thistle are a good one-two punch and should be taken year-round! If so, you can stick with these and just double the dose when ON. You'll have great success with these 2.

I am NOT proclaiming that they work synergistically, I just like the combo because of the two distinctly different pathways of action these employ.

Makes me feel like I am covering all the bases!

Personally...I add Tyler's Liver Detox when ON, again......just added protection!