all of you guys with shoulder injuries


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well i fucked my shoulder up about 2 weeks ago from a fight...havent worked out guessing my shoulder came out .....cuz when i got up..... i wasnt able to move it......anyways......or it might have been from strained muscles.....but i can move my arm fine and everything......except theres just a little pain when i move my arm to a certain extent or when i put pressure on it....... what should i do has anyone had this similar pain??...i wanna get my ass back in the gym plus i have a upcomming cycle in april......... the story about what happend in the fight is in this post
maybe go to the doc bro.I sometimes get pain from bench work with the bar,but if I were u I would go to the doc.If you decide to train just stay away from anything that u even think might hurt.Hope ya feel better bro-good luck
thanx bro..... i went to the ER the next day.....they took xrays ... but no MRI..... the doc said i strained my delt and things in my rotary cuff
You know every morning when I get out of bed I do R cuff exercises and I think it has made a huge difference.
BigSoda said:
You know every morning when I get out of bed I do R cuff exercises and I think it has made a huge difference.

what are Rotary cuff excercises?
it depends on what injury you have sometimes time off is the best Physical therapy may help or aggravate the condition.

There are 4 main muscles in the rotator cuff.
yeah bro...rotator cuff exercises really do it.... but u have to always do it. i haven't done it in a while and i could feel my shoulder popping out...btw i dislocated it fighting too. gotta go easy with the lifting and make sure not to get too strong too fast.

I have has SIS for years. I just dont do certain movements and I use Glocosamine/Chondrotin everyday. I dont have any discomfort anymore. Ice it...take some anti-imflamatories....and give it a rest!
I suffered from shoulder injuries for years. All that stopped when I got back to the basics of training. Now I lift 285 on bench max and I have no issues at all. Pretty simple. Stop lifting weight that you cant do without a spotter helping you take it off your chest. Most important though is slow down your exercises A LOT. 4-5seconds on the way down (eccentric) and 1-2seconds on the way up (concentric) on any upper body move. You will have to suck up your pride at the gym and drop your weight way down. You will notice after your first day that you are extremely sore and you have been training stupidly your whole life because you wanted to look cool with a lot of weight on the bar while you hurt yourself. Ive been there and I like lifting heavy and not being hurt much better