Anadrol 50 Test400 Nolvadex cycle. Need Serious help!!


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I am 23 yrs old 5'8'' 175 lbs currently and have used juice on and off for about 2 yrs. It has been about 3 yrs since I have done a cycle. I am a power lifter as well. I have 50 tabs of A 50 and 10cc of Test 400 and 100 tabs of Nolvadex 10mg. I plan on taking 25mg (1/2 tab) of A 50 for 21 days then taking 20mg of Nolvadex for 2-3 weeks afterwards. I also plan on taking a 1/2cc to 1cc of Test 400 every week or every other week for about 4-6 weeks followed by 2-3 weeks of Nolvadex (20mg) then back to A 50 cycle, then Test 400 cycle until its up. My research says that A 50 has a hard crash if not careful. I plan on consuming 350 grams a day approx. for a good while both on and off the cycle as well as Milk Thistle during the entire time both on and off the cycles for liver detox. This is all I have for now to work with. Do you forsee any gains being kept if this cycle is used in the perscribed manner or in your opinion what would be the optimum way of using these anabolics for maximum benifit/gain for myself. Thanks for the help in this matter and I will post with results after it is complete.
i think you're making this more complicated than it really is.
abombs 50mg a day
t400 1/2cc twice a week, mon and thurs.
nolvaldex you can save just in case you start getting gyno symptoms. i'm pretty sure that vail is only going to last you 9wks, vet gear is always underfilled.
I was told not to mix the A 50 with the Test 400 that if at all possible I should do seperate cycles the A 50 being about 3-4wks. And then the Test 400 for about 4-6 wks. I plan on geting some Liqua-clombid and Liqua-Dex to try with this stuff to try and keep most of my gains. The only thing that really is a problem is that I fall under randoms. I read that A 50 is a water based oral and has a relative short half-life for the most part. The Test on the other hand has a longer half-life and if it shows up in the pee pee it should in most cases show up as me taking Andro or some type of prohormone. I wold claim I was taking andro any way as a "masking" of the juice so to speak. If any one has more poinions please let me know, thank for the info, I really appreciate it. :)
i fall under randoms myself, i don't worry about it. it's too expensive to test for gear. the reason i told you to do it together is the abombs will kick start your cycle until the test kicks in weeks later. do a search, you'll see what i'm talking about.
weeks 1-4 abombs 50mg/day
weeks 1-10 test 400mg/week
weeks 12 start clomid 6 pills day 1 2 pills next 10 days 1 pill next 10 days i dont know why u wouldnt wanna mix abombs with test your doing any crazy dosages thats going to make u get gyno unless your prone to it have nolvadex on hand just incase get some liquidex if u dont wanna bloat but i personally wouldnt run liquidex on abombs u need some water retention
thats what i would do and how long have u been training hard for?
I have been lifting for about 5.5 yrs and have juiced before for about 2 yrs on and off. I haven't juiced in over 2.5 yrs, so it's been a while and I got about 4-5 cycles under my belt. Mostly Dbol/Deca or Test/Deca and they were Brovel Tronel brand 200mg the max I used was abot 800mg per week of each and gained about 20 lbs on that cycle. Sad part is, is that I lost about half of it when I joined the service but the strength and look I feel now is much better, I guess because I didn't always do a post cycle the way I needed to, you live and learn. I got some Nolvadex (10mg) 100 pills and I am waiting on getting some liquid clombid for the test production like you had mentioned. How 6 pills a day equate to liquid dosages. I guess what I am asking is what is the ratio of 1 pill to 1ml of liquid clombid?? The cycle looks good and I think I will give it a shot!! I will let you gys know when I start and how it progresses along. Get back with me if you have any more info. Tahnks
its 300mg day 1 100mg next 10 days 50mg next 10 days i belive the liquid is 50mg per ml