A doc is the best way to go, if your looking for Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) it works fine, cycle, minimal results at best
screw all them andro-gel or pills or any of that . all it did was give me a stiffy for a few days more than normal:doggy: and after than just some extra hair in my delts and a little thinnning on my head . im pissed !:destroy: :smashcomp
You really don't want the gel to gain mass. You probably have to spend 10g's just to get a good cycle going.
Stick around, read, learn, have fun. Then when you have a little knowledge about what you're looking to do you can make an informed decision.

gel and patches suck for everything but Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), which has a goal of returning test levels to mid normal. I was 280ng/ml and the doc put me on 5mg. patches. I soared to a wopping 525.

They never did anything for my lifts or my size.
i hear ya rocket mine was 264 and 282ng/dl. That expensive gel just gave me wood, nothin else. By the time i decided to try something else i would rub in 3 packs at once of that crap... to the question ,, get urself some enanthate....if u only want to shoot once a week lightwieght.
And let's not talk about using the andro patches and the nicortine patches at the same time. Hell, I was beginning to look like Nelly because I had to have a patch under my eye just to get a good lift.:40oz: