Help Needed with Andro+ Halodrol + SARMs Cycle


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Hey Guys!

I am planning a solid winter Bulk cycle consisting of 1-Andro, 4-Andro, Halodrol, and LGD. There are some things I am not sure about, and I would be very grateful for your help. Thank you. My questions are as follows:

1. I want to pack on as much muscle as I possibly can with the least amount of fat gain, I want to be right near the zenith of the muscle gain value curve. So what should the dosages of the compounds together look like? Also, I am very confused about the fact that the Andro capsules I can source are of 50 mg each, and the stipulated direction is not to exceed 4 capsules at all for any reason, and the recommended dosage is only 2 capsules a day, which would equal about 100 mg of the compound. All the guides I have read online dose Andros far above this amount, and even the minimum recommended dosage online is about 300mg, so what gives? Are they counting things differently or am I really supposed to dose it at 300 mg?

2. Before I begin this cycle, I will get bloodwork done to ensure I have recovered sufficiently well from a Sarm cycle I ran 6 Months ago(Rad,LGD and YK11). Aside from Test and Estrogen, which other parameters should I get tested on? I definitely want to check my lipids and my liver values, there must be general purpose tests for these which will include all the different elements of the relevant details that I seek?

3. I picked Halo because it seems to be a mild PH, in comparison to the others. In your experience, is running a PH like Halo better than running a proper Oral steroid like Tbol or Dbol in terms of sides? do you guys think it will be appreciably less toxic to go with Halo than with Tbol itself, or is it pretty much the same overall?

4. What should the cycle length be like? I was thinking of a couple of options. I could start off with 4 weeks of LGD, then begin the Halo and the Andros for 5 weeks each, for a total of 9 weeks. In this arrangement, I could also stop the Halo after 5 weeks and continue with the Andros and the LGD for 3 more weeks, which would make the cycle 12 weeks long total. Is this too much? too long of a shutdown? too taxing? I could also start with all the 4 compounds together, and run it for 8 weeks total, stopping the halo after 5 weeks, and continuing with the others, OR just run them all for 5 weeks and stop. Which is the best option here for my goals? I can't decide, please help.

5. I am well setup with on cycle support medication and everything. The only thing I need help with here is combating estrogen. 4-Andro might aromatise to a good degree, Halo is supposed to not do so, but who knows. I will get tested fortnightly while on cycle to keep an eye on my E levels, I need to know a threshold range beyond which I should administer an AI. Of course If I feel anything going on with my Nipples, I will do the same. I also do not know which AI to use and what amounts of it would be advisable, please advice. Accordingly, I will source the same. I have read Nolva can also help with combating such sides, so should I use Nolva or an AI in case I get sides? I know Nolva can't actually reduce the E levels themselves.

My PCT will consist of an OTC test booster, Nolva 20/20/10/10/10, Clomid 50/50/25/25/25, and an AI, if it's needed. I suppose I will need to know my E levels post cycle to judge if I should include an AI? or is it recommended to include it in a cycle such as this? if so, at what amounts and which one? Thank you!


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I will log the results if people are interested. any advice regarding my doubts? :naughty:

Looking forward to your logs, and please know and learn that an artificial inhibitor (Ai) is not to be used during pct. and an over the counter test booster will not do a thing to you to get your nuts working again after a cycle and never used during pct. Have you thought about using hcg during this sarms cycle?