another slin question


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okay let me get this straight i did all the reasearch i could find about slin and roids, i readed that if you take insulin with testosterone i help blocks out some the fat you take in when you cycle them together is this correct or not??

and i read that if you take testosterone with insulin it will be almost a perfect stack together is this TRUE??
I doubt Test has anything to do with "blocking" out fat absorption... maybe the reference is being made to Test's ability to increase metabolism???

Test+slin is a great stack, but obviously it isn't the perfect one:) Also, each person will differ slightly in what they believe is the perfect stack for them.
the reason why is said it was the best stack to me because test is anabolic and insulin is androgenic so you have both parts of the whole protein syn. there so why wouldn't be almost perfert combination??
Any, or most steroids, will promote fat lossm and increased lean tissue, even if you sit around. But test is a good choice since it is both highly androgenic and anabolic. Test allows for a bit of room as far as mistakes in diet. I woudl guesstimate, proper insulin use can increase gains from Test alone by 15-25%
Test isn't going to block the fat. It will increase your protein metabolism enough that using insulin works better with test then without it.

But as you've read--many people report that they put on fat when they use insulin by itself, and more muscle/less fat when they use it on test.