Anyone use HELLxxxx Labs lately?

Can I post the full name? They used to be known for their DNP, but branched of into other products.....
I think i know who youre talking about, and i heard that he isnt good to go lately. Im pretty sure he scammed some people including at least one on this board that i can think of.
I know what you're talking about, they had a solid rep, but don't know about recent developments.
NYCEE said:

Thanks for the info!! I used him about a year ago and everything was good-now I'm back in the game I thought I'd post an inquiry just to double check before I order to see if he is still good, guess not glad I checked.......looks like I need a new UG Lab...

Thanks again

If anyone else has any more info on if Hellfire-I'd love to hear about it!!
ive used hellfire but my friend ordered it. The last order didnt come in becuz he supposively got shutdown. He owes my friend a credit he said hes gonna deliver but who knows. But the gear is legit and it works very well ive used their Sustanon (sust) prop tren dbol