Can anyone tell me what Phenom Tritest 350 is like? Reviews please


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I've recently been given abit of gear by my brother, but have never heard of it.. nor have I seen it. It's phenom tritest 350. It's a mix of Testosterone Propionate 100mg
Testosterone Cypionate 100mg
Testosterone Enanthate 150mg

Was thinking of pinning it twice a week Monday and thursday (what I usually do)

Running for 10-12 weeks with dbol for the first 4 weeks. What you guys think? And if you do know about this gear what's it like?
Well , so because it's a test blend, the short prop Ester is going to start kicking in first and maybe have to start seeing some libido gains within the first week or 2 . Cyp and enathate Ester are both longer and similar esters which won't start yielding results until a few weeks in , maybe 3 or 4 . Gains won't come until later on in muscle and strength