Arnold Classic Women's Results!!!

I met Susie, Yaxeni, Betty and Cathy at the expo. They are as nice as they are lovely. Those kind of folks make these competitions so much fun. They are truly asset's to the sport. They Rock!!!

Wow... How hot is Valentina Chepiga?

Wow, Jennylynn beat Monica! Wow, can't wait to see the pics. I thought for sure Monica was going to win it. And Cathy Priest winning the lightweight, that's awesome, good for her!:)
cathy was awesome in the lw but denise was really close , they were both as good as ive seen especially denise , it was an awesome show:)
i can not believe Valentina did not win the show again this year!!! Very disappointing.. she is by far my favorite bodybuilder!!! Beautiful body, VERY feminine and beautiful face... IMO the beat icon for female bodybuilding... well her and Andrulla :)
I think Valentina looked awesome too but I think she might have been softer looking than the other women. I, myself prefer that look over the real hard, veiny, huge look in a women but it's so hard to say what the judges are looking for anymore. She gets my vote though cuz I think she's amazing!;)