AST's CLA question


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Goto and pick up VPX's ThinFat...its the most cost effective brand out there. I am sold on their products and with their brand, you can take 8.8grams per day for 30 days for $25

You cant beat it!
I agree with you silverback. Tonalin means it is quality and normally, CLA isnt stable in liquid or even open powder form (not capped in oil), i guess it oxidizes and loses potency, im not sure. anyways, VPX claims to have some new way of making it stable in liquid. give it a shot
Iron Tek makes a CLA, 90caps, 1000mg per cap, retails for about $19.95 @ GNC so im sure you get it much cheaper on net, say $14. Its called Essential CLA, and its Tonalin
I would trust anything made by VPX. I have had nothing but good results!

I would like to see the scientific reports that CLA is unstable in liquid form!