Bad Case of Mono while on Cycle


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Hey guys. 24 yrs old. I've been cycling for a year and a half now. I'm still a rookie. I was wondering if anyone on here has ever had mono while on cycle?

I took an entire 6 months off gear because i was having sex issues with a deca cycle and it continued for many months so I was off for a while. Once I got back on, sex drive got better, but I was not making a lick of gains. My cycle was Test Cyp 250 (400mg/week) and EQ 250 (400mg/week) + 50mg Turinabol/day (Geneza brand) for the first 4 weeks. Next 8 weeks were 550mg test and EQ each, with no orals.

The entire first 4 weeks of my Tbol kick start were horrible. My pumps were a just slightly better a few days a week and that was it. No gains. I felt shaky, flat, and weak for the most part and was getting nervous something was going wrong. Exactly 4 weeks in to the cycle, I woke up with the worst swollen throat. Got a check up and tested positive for mono. I was on bed rest for over two weeks. Could barely get out of bed or drink & eat anything. I was forcing down the fluids and a calorie dense shake every day just to try and maintain weight. Swallowing anything was excruciatingly painful it was horrible. Doc put me on two rounds of prednisone and I even had to go to the ER for IV fluids and decadron after the pus pocket in my throat ruptured and I was coughing up blood uncontrollably. It has been over a month since I realized I had mono and my body still feels run down. Still no gains. It's horrible.My workouts are bullshit now, just going through the motions. I dropped the Tbol 4 weeks in, as soon as I tested positive for mono (no sense in pounding the liver on bed rest with a virus). I wanted to run the Tbol for 6, and this whole cycle for the entire summer of 16 weeks but I just came off this week (11 weeks in) because I am not gaining a damn thing and there's no sense shutting my body down any more/longer when nothing is happening.

I did some research on mono and it said you commonly feel like shit for a month prior to even realizing you have mono, then it gradually gets better over the course of a few months after the peak of feeling like death for a couple weeks, but you still feel like shit throughout that time. Fuckin great. Well at least I have an excuse for looking like a little skinny bitch for the next few months of being off cycle lol. I'm hoping the mono is the reason for the way I've been feeling all this time.

I got blood work done 8 weeks in. My TT is in the 5ks. My estradiol is in normal range, my prolactin is actually low because I was taking caber for 4 weeks to try and help with the deca dick and apparently it was too much? (1mg/week). My FSH and LH are VERY low and I am very shut down right now. I have my hcg & clomid/tamox pct protocol approved from someone who has a lot of experience and hopefully I recover from all this bs.

But another thing, my CBC on the blood work did not even register. Couldn't even get a reading. Thats a bad sign. My blood is probably thick as fuck from the EQ. I checked my blood pressure at work and its actually normal though so that eased my mind a bit. I'm donating blood in a couple days. Some guys have told me that that might be the reason I'm feeling so run down and weak, because my blood is too damn thick to circulate properly. My veins do look extremely thick at times in the gym, but the pumps in general suck. There's barely any volume to them. I look like a stick with thick ass veins lol. I'm hoping either the poor circulation is the case or just the mono is still running me down. Or both, considering these issues are both reversible over time. I can't believe my TT is in the 5ks and I feel like im off. It's frightening, embarrassing, and depressing to say the least.

But anyway, has anyone had mono while on cycle? Did you experience any of this? Any advice is much appreciated.