BCAA's or Amino's


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Is there a difference between the branch chain amino acids and amino acids? Which is better to take or should I take both? Right now I'm taking OPTIMUM NUTRITION's "AMINO 2222 TABS". Are these ok or should I switch to BCAA's.
BCAAs are only 3 aminos: leucine (the one most important to protein synthesis), valine, and isoleucine. This is off the top of my head, so you may have to double check. I dont feel like checking.

Theyre really not necesary at all, but if you want to take them just for that minute difference they may make, id take them pre/during/post workout. 5-10 each serving. The place in my sig has them for cheaper than anywhere im aware of as well.
ok guys. the regular amino acid that you see is is in tab or capsule(seethey list of ingedient after they said that ill willbe transform in amino acid after the process of digestion..... bcaa's is so crucial before and after training that is the key for growing muscle. ex 4gr bcaa's before and after traing and the next you will ask yourself did i train last day????? the answer is yesss.
Most of your amino acids should come from real food, many important amino acids are also produced by your body but ingesting these same aminos will not help because they need to be produced by the body.
that good..don't forget that the bcaa's is in few part metabolised by your liver and 50-90% of the bcaa's is in your blood to repair your muscle the next day.