Biomex test p100... Fake or real???


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Hey guys, can anyone tell me if this is fake or not? I got it from Napsgear. As you can see from the pic, the liquid in the vial is clear, but the liquid in their pic on their page is yellow. Also have taken first vial and feel nothing. Doing 100mg EOD, so have taken it almost 3 weeks now. Any feedback would be great. A friend pointed out that it's probably fake because if it's from Mexico, why would it have English written on it? Any feedback would be great. i heard Napsgear was legit, so I'm bummed to know that this may be a fake.


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I've used napsgear several times and everything has been great. It's the first company I've used for gear and wouldn't change to another company. Geneva is the brand that I used and everything has been exceptional. Delivery is fast. They seem pretty organized and have some good deals if keep up with there website.