Blasting now that I’m 42, opinions please


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Long story, 42, on trt, my natural TT was never over 388 (age 29) because of a vericocele
Been blasting mildly off and on for 15 years, like once a year do 300 test and 300 deca for 12 weeks.
Long story longer, I’m 42 now, diagnosed with mild htn on low dose sartan now, have 5 kids 7 and under and my wife may be pregnant again… my question is
If you were me, and goal is lean gains but be absolutely healthy as possible… I’d love to live to late 80s healthily, what doses of each would you run if me for a 14-16 week blast? I love deca cause I’m concerned about hair, but yet scared of it’s bad effect on vascular endothelial… my labs are good, hdl 55, ldl 90, only issues are HCT which I do phlebotomy and HTN but I take meds for…
I was going to do as my clinic recommended, 250 test , 250 deca and 2 iu hgh
Other advices though? Or should I stick with my trt of 120 mg test a week and just add hgh? Thanks guys!