HDL is 20! Any advices on how to proceed?


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Maybe I’m too old for this shit, my ldl is 123 (not bad, less than 100 normal)
My hdl is very low at 20,
On test 300, deca 500 and 50 mg Anadrol. I know it’s the drol but I wanted gains quick.
I have 15 tabs left, should I double it for a week, keep taking them or toss them and bump test up to 5-600?
Or dump it all, stay with my trt of 100mg weekly and add hgh at 2 or 4 iu daily?
Thanks guys!
Because of your HDL? No. Is there another reason to stop it earlier than you planned?

Just my hdl, kinda freaked me out. I have 5 kids now and I’m 41 and I see a lot of people dying of heart attacks etc
I want to add mass but then I have second thoughts when I take a step back sometimes
So you were borderline before. Do some reading on things you can do to boost it. But I still wouldn't freak out about it while you are on cycle. Check it when you are done to see if it bounces back.

You could always get a Cardiac Calcium Scan too if you are worried. It probably costs about $100 if you pay out of pocket instead of using insurance.