Mid life crises, get off or stay on?


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I’m at home bored, mind me asking a hypothetical question.
I’d love to come off all this and be natural and feel good and have decent balls etc, but every time I come off even for 2 weeks with any pct I feel like shit.
I had a vericocele and had it fixed 10 years ago, but my pre surgery bloods were 388 TT at age 29. I’m 41 now.

I’ve even tried to come off with lupron etc, scaly pct etc. one time I came off I’m 2014, did small pct after 500 mg run of deca, and 15 weeks later my TT was 144.

Any hope? Not sure why I’m obsessed with this but at the same time I’m staring at my test deca and anadrol stash and I’m drooling. My main concern is health, I have 5 kids, and nub cholesterol sucks and I have PVCs of my heart. (I drink a ton of coffee).

Any thoughts? I love deca, but read how bad it is for the heart, but I like it’s affect on hair (ie not losing it)...

I’m crazy I know lol


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you can recover after 3 months. You need to get with a TRT doc so he can show you the way. IMT is solid as a rock and youll be back to banging your wife 5 times a day again.
share your bloodlabs of your last pct please.


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Thabks. Agree.

What dose, some say 200, others say get my TT to around 1100... thoughts?

I'm in agreement with Diesel on this one. You obviously have low test so it rreally doesnt make sense to stop test completely. I'm not a doctor though. Just Bro advice. :)


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why would you pin lupron to recover during pct? >>>>>??????
lupron is for prostate cancer and lowers your testosterone levels so the cancer growth can decrease.
so you shot yourself in the balls again by lowering your test levels even more.
we need to see all your blood labs as this dont make any sens.