Blood testing....a necessity in AAS usage

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I went to the doctor today, They took a blood sample. I asked my doctor for a test - test he said it would cost me extra. $75 I wasn't expecting that. I thought it would be free in Canada.

Time for a new doc I think. I think maybe you dealing with a private one. Walk in clinic might be better. I went to my doc (walk in clinic) here in Canada for blood tests 3 X in an 8 month period. No charge. They can bill gov't for these so I don't see why they wouldn't do it. My cholesterol levels where fukd from Winstrol (winny) and he said "eat a bunch of brocolli and come back in 8 weeks and we will retest... I don't know what kind of suppliments you have been taking.." LOL. This was indeed a couple of years ago and maybe something has changed.

Anyway I would have no problem paying the $75. Well worth it especially compared to the cost of various products/sups/food etc. Even though I haven't had to pay I would; taking illegal substances and expecting the gov't/tax payer to pay for blood tests is just jackassinine in my opinion.
I gots another ? too.... test (various esters) will show up in a blood test as elevated endogenous test levels right? What about other test analogues? I am thinking NO and that if tested well into the cycle one would actually see low test levels? How about dbol... it is methylated test so it should show as endogenous test as well?
Hello guys;
Just had my blood tested after finishing my bulking phase and got the following results:

HDL Cholesterol 51.43
LDL Cholesterol 189.48
Ratio : 3.68
Am i gona die ? :p
I think it reflects my sloppy eating habits.. during my bulking.
I`m gona do a cutter naturally; so i guess it will go down, or does it not corollate with high % body fat? i`m currently in the region of 19%, which will go down hopefully to 12% or below.
Also i got the following results which seem out of range:
Alanine TRANSAMINASE 76 u/l
CREATININE 118 umol/l <------ Guess it`s all the creatine i take as suppliment?

Is cholesterol too high to run a cycle after a cutter in 2 months?

Thanks guys
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If u want to get steroids from a doc. Use anadrol and come right off of it and then get ur physical and blood work done. And say u use for years and just want to be normal. But he will not give u much my fill out a form to a Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) program where I could get what I needed..And I didn't read all the post so that how I did it... oh and the form will tell u what they want u tested for Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) people form..
this is a great post. I am a firm believer of having your blood work in check. I am 48 years old and have been using AAS off and on for about 15 years, and have had a couple of somewhat irregular results over the years , which to me was a warning to make the proper adjustments to bring things back in check. Thanks. God bless you. Minister.
what is this type of blood test called. what do I say to the doc when I go to get it tommarow?
Hey -- this is a really interesting thread. I'm new to the site and learning a lot and planning a test cycle. That being said, it seems I should get some blood tests done to determine my overall level of health. Also, I think this information would help me monitor myself and my health during my first cycle. (Knowing where I stand before the test cycle seems the obvious best type of comparison.)

I have no health insurance. I'd be willing to contact doctors and pay cash, should I discover that option to be affordable.

Does anyone have experience ordering lab tests without insurance? What tests would be the most beneficial for me to run and then monitor during my first testosterone cycle? Can I just call up a lab and order these myself or do I need a doctor's referral?

Any input would be really great. Thanks.
In the Texas example, they are referring specifically to criminal proceedings. That is a different matter entirely than a doctor deciding to call the police because a guy has come to him/her and is on steroids.

In oklahoma the doc cant call the cops from findin out ur on juice
just to add to very valid information CRP!!!!! TO A VERY INFORMATIVE THREAD

One of the most important numbers is CRP C Reactive Protein this is the amount of inflammation in your blood which causes a chain of events to happen. mainly a clot.

Which can happen even if all of your numbers come back good. Also the SED rate. Speaking from experience, Which i wish i did not have all my numbers were great.

Stress test in the afternoon MI at 8:30 pm playing basebal 7/2001l? Blood and stress test normal at age 40. I was on Vioxx same as Celebrex that was a big factor in the MI causing inflammation!

6/2015 stress test in june normal, blood normal! 8/2015 chest pain all the good stuff, they do blood work enzymes normal no MI! Ultra high res. CT Scan normal heart.

Off to the cath. lab 90% blockage in the left side !!!!!! Just my .02$ been down the road twice. Don't smoke no rec.drugs no family history!!!!!!
Arby at 20 and a Test level of 325 everyone's body is not the same. If you are putting on muscle 20 lbs no help? i DON'T KNOW YOUR HGT AND WT. why start now you have a very long road. when you peak on bulking the give a boost. SOMEONE ASKED IF IT'S EXPENSIVE TO JUST GET BLOOD WORK HELL YES!

to be clear about a couple things: 1) lets not forget that AAS's are schedule III narcotics - so to the feds and the local cop down the street, possessing them is the exact same thing as possessing benzphetamine, ketamine, or LSD; 2) the federal rules of evidence DO NOT recognize the doctor-patient privilege; in any federal criminal case, you will be prosecuted using federal law and federal rules of procedure - and it doesn't matter what any state cops or state DA's did before the feds snatch a case from state court. (happens a lot w big trafficking cases: an asst DA will call and say "we are dismissing your client's case.." no shit, really? "but the feds are prosecuting it - wa ha!*click" asshole! ).

fed court is not a happy place - they don't allow cheap tricks and theatrics there, and that's all i've got - so you do the math. what they do allow are officer mistakes and misconduct - mutherfucking wholesale. does that mean they will go through a patient list to find you? cant see that happening - its not worth the money for the feds to go after one "end user" - like, imagine a fed court case because some dumbass gets caught with 10 hits of LSD for personal use: sure, the state will prosecute for trafficking (and plea down), but I cant see them (feds or state) going after the individual enthusiast who just wants to put on some muscle every once in a while - but if you are distributing, you might as well sling heroin, too. there hasn't been a crackdown in years, and this shit is not a problem - but nothing the evil empire does surprises me anymore.
Long read lol but educational thank you man ....curious to know if it's ok to out right say to a physician that you're on gear ...does anyone know if that's illegal? Like are they required to report illegal usage of steroids to authorities ?