Bloods back, Everything normal but HIGH TEST, need advice before next cycle

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So this is going to take a second to lay out, but it seems when asking opinions you all seem to want the full story. I started TRT with my Dr. about a year ago. 6 months of injections and my Dr. talks me into the bio identical pellets (supposed to last 4-6 months). I get the procedure and after my 4 week labs come back "normal" with test at 940, I start a mini burst cycle with the following:

Week 1-4 Dbol 50mg ED
Week 1-6 Deca 300, 300mg/week pinned Mon/Wed
Week 1-8 Sust 250, 750mg/week, pinned M/W/F

I continued to take the prescribed anastrozole, same dose as when I started injections and continued by Dr. orders after pellets. Was advised against PCT due to short cycle and continued TRT. Had good gains in mass and strength on cycle. 6 weeks after last pin I got my labs done, including sensitive estradiol. Everything (CBC, Complete Metabolic Panel, Lipid Panel, Estradiol) is completely normal except Test. Free Test >57.6, Total Test >1500. Unfortunately no LH on this this test, as I thought it was included but was not. Now has been 8 weeks since last pin and considering another short cycle (exact same as last time, starting in 2 weeks which would be 10 weeks off) but hesitant because of test numbers. Could this be a result of the Deca hanging around and showing up in the numbers, falsely driven them up? I am up for more pellets according to my Dr. but I will never do that again. I can go back on injections if I choose. My question is what do the very high test numbers mean, and what would recommendations be for starting next cycle?

Age 41
185 pounds

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Yes we all do need the full story to have a better view and better advice our mates here. Its common sense as we are not swapping cake recipes here but dealing with people health and lives, so the more info we have the better it will go for everyone and more quality advice and council will be given.
you did a 8 week cycle and someone advised you not to do pct?
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Yes. This is because I am on TRT and so there is always a supplement of extraneous test in the system. So there is no reason to jumpstart things back into production. Also because I continuously take the anastrozole ongoing. Apparently it worked as prescribed as all levels are normal except the test, which was >1500. I have several friends on TRT who routinely test at around 1500 under prescribed treatment. I am curious though if it is the long acting deca that is holding my numbers high, and is there a way to tell other than time.




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Yes, I suspect the deca is still hanging around in your system, and is giving the high test numbers.

Six weeks is about three half lives, so you should be 300>150>75>37.5 not very high in deca at this point. But maybe it's enough with your pellet test + fake results from deca to be >1500

You mentioned the sensitive estradiol test, did it not come also with the sensitive LC-MS testosterone test? That one will not be fooled by deca.

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First of all thank you very much for the info. To answer your question, it did have the option for the sensitive LC-MS but i honestly did not think i was approaching the >1500 mark, so I did not get it done. I learned a couple of things on this go around, such as don't assume the pack includes LH, and to specify sensitive on for both Test and E2. I may have that test re run. I would like to get that clear before I start my next cycle. I know my pellets are close to done. In the mean time, I am going to hit it hard while my levels are up and take advantage! Thanks again.