bodybuilder gangs


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the way they refer to AS use it makes us all sound like street dirt
we dont run around cap'in people in the ass over dbol
its silly to even mention AS use with narcotic use, its two entirely different ball games

besides how scary would it be if the streets were run by 290lb bodybuilder gangsters, instead of these 110lb punks
needsize said:
The crips and the bloods vs the ttokkyo's

By the sounds of things lately, I don't know how many people are going to be messing with the EQL's. They have quite the posse these days!
I can see it now a powercage welded to a bench with a 350 cleavland strapped on, all cromes out with gas shocks for the bouncing power, pealing out down the road with 6-7 bodybuilders on it looking for trouble
The rides would be the Escalades, Hummer H1s and H2s, Jeeps, and anything else with shoulder room and good suspension.

Mmmm suspension....
I think it would send more of a message than jeeps and escalades. I've got a couple grizzly's out back collecting dust if anyone wants one.
I used to live in Ghost Town in the 'hood in Venice... named because we had 24 killings in the 4 blocks around my house during "the war." I still try to explain to people that the average Crip is a skinny 12 year old with a 22.
You guys better watch ouit for the pec Dec Posse and the Weekends warriors that come out, they are dangerous...