Boiled Eggs


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I read that boiled egg is a good source of protien.

just wondering on how much bolied eggs to have a day?

Was thinking of preparing eggs the night before and store them in the fridge and eat them when needed the next day. Never tried eating them cold before!! does the nutrition disappear. if they are kept over night in the fridge and eating them cold.

thanks in advance
No the nutrition does not disappear in the fridge--They can be a handy high protein snack--I like them with Sriracha sauce--thai chili garlic sauce.
Hard boiled eggs keep for well over a week in fridge....just keep them wrapped up with saran wrap.
Might want to toss the yolks though.

I do this very thing every night, boil several eggs and eat them as a snack when needed, but I always toss the yolk.
thanks for the advice, really do appreciate it.

Are there any other quick snacks that I can prepare and leave in the fridge, until I want to eat them?
I eat 18 eggs a day. Actually it's about 16 egg whites and two full eggs.

As a matter of fact I just got back from GFS. You can buy a huge container of 180 large eggs for $15.19. I eat them with tuna, salmon, burger or chicken and it really bumps up the protein intake to around 50g with those meals.
whne i was lifting hard, before my injury and fucking insane amounts of overtime at work i was eating about 12-15 eggs a day. Prob. 6-8whole and the rest whites
eggs r a great source of protien
i drank about 1 gal of milk 2 whne i was bulking
just lift heavy and eat gud foods (milk, eggs, meats, veggis, fruits, carbs such as oatmeal, whole grain breads, brown rice,etc)
u will get gud results
as far as the kind of egg u eat. doesn't matter...ive done everything from raw eggs in shakes, hard boiled, scrambled, etc etc.
hard boilded makes gud snacks ne time
its not rocket scine