tofu vs soy milk and protein alternatives


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I can eat tofu, eggs, beef, pork, meat, etc just fine but I am lactose intolerant.

I have tried protein isolate, egg protein, pea protein shake and all those block me up hard with constipation.

I can eat tofu but soy milk makes me constipated. Soy milk has 8g of protein while almond milk has only 1g of protein, but my body seems to handle almond milk fine.

So what is the common underlying theme with what I am having problems with? Too much concentration of protein in a drink? The fillers or additives in the shakes and milk alternatives?

Please advise.
natural is always best. anyting that is processed and loaded with artificial ingridients are designed to cause your body harm.
im amazed at how many load up each morning with tons of vitamins/placebos from major pharmaceutical companies that are actually designed to remove those essential vitamins and minerals from your body.

I have been studying pharmacology for over 5 years so i know what it really is.

keep this in mind........50 years and 100, 1000 years ago these vitamin etc. pills did not exist and our ancestors did just well without those.
you would not be what you are if they ate all natural foods.
go organic from Billy Bob and Sally Sue that grow their own veggies and milk their own cows and youll do just fine.
Bet my life on it.