Bronson Rises 2016: broke beaten divorced.. and bulking

As a side note, I scheduled a massage this morning with a new woman. Got her number off a flyer at my gym. Not a bad looking woman at all, gave a very very good full body massage. Yesterday was leg day and she knew exactly what to do to get me felling better. She was on par with my favorite girl that everyone in this town swears by. Two distinct differences though, she was only $50 for the hour, and my go to girl, as far as I know, has never ever provided a happy ending. I have become an actual whore magnet.

Chuckie, we know life is in no way shape or form dull on your end. Please give us something to chew on.
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Haha! Ok fair enough. They'll be all laid out for Chuckie when he makes his way back. Just a note that we're currently bickering right now cause one of the friends she introduced me to, has been hooking up with me after work and she's mad, cause we were only supposed to fuck when we were all together. I've gotta play this right or there may be a brief hiatus of new hooker tales, until she forgives me for being me. Let me see where I left off and I'll post another installment tonight.

Oh yeah! I'm getting another massage in the morning!

Never betray your woman simply for the ravishing of a whore ..

Even driven by hate and moved to vengeance, in hindsight I regret the things I have done ..
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