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AndroFactory Bulk-Up here

Gains of 7 to 18 pounds in 8 weeks!

BULK-UP and THE GORILLA SERIES is the Strongest, Safest, Legal and most Affordable testosterone and androgen enhancement available. The methods and research used to manufacture BULK-UP and The Stack make it the most effective advanced natural muscle building product that you can buy safely and legally. BULK-UP is guaranteed to provide amazing results from which every man can benefit. Whether you are looking to gain lean muscle mass, a competitive edge, increased motivation, a sense of accomplishment and well being; be it in the weight room, on the court, the field or in the social realm of your life ANDRO FACTORY delivers the only natural prohormone that will make you big, keep you safe and on top of your game.

The unparalleled results from BULK-UP go unmatched by any other muscle building agents available today. The results come from our Advanced DHEA Complex, CP+R, Once-A-Day technology and your dedication to high protein intakes and heavy lifting. See our included nutrition and lifting instructions for best results.


The science and technology behind ANDRO FACTORY’S flagship testosterone and androgen enhancement product BULK-UP is a natural combination that delivers unparalleled results that you can trust. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and tools to make a sound and personal choice when contouring your body. Providing links and insight to the legalities behind prohormones, professional sports, the FDA and industry/product awareness and news.

The Advanced DHEA Complex in BULK-UP can increase your lean muscle mass gains by 7-18lbs in as little as 8 weeks depending on your choice of dose. Muscle gains, hardening, strength, stamina, increased libido and the promotion of anti-effects of gynecomastia are only some of the benefits that come from The Advanced DHEA Complex; DHEA is also commonly known as the anti-aging wonder drug of the century. When handled properly DHEA can result in higher DHT levels and increased testosterone. Blood tests reveal that these androgen's can boost your DHT levels by 3.5 times within 6 hours of a single 6 soft gel dose of BULK-UP.

The high anabolic, androgenic and estrogenic activities found in The Advanced DHEA Complex will lead you to massive gains, strength, and long lasting stamina. These prohormones actually create new muscle cells from stem cells, new nuclei, increase protein synthesis abilities and Increase the utilization of amino-acids for new tissue growth allowing you to retain more nutrients. Some of these effects such as the increased nuclei, and myoblasts can stick with you for the rest of your life.

4-DHEA - ß-DHEA - a-DHEA
IS The Advanced DHEA Complex

Fact: 4-DHEA converts to the potent anabolic androstenediol at high levels, which then converts to testosterone. This anabolic prohormone has zero to mild estrogen conversions and produces massive gains without bloating; while maximizing all masculine features and characteristics.

Fact: The androgen's ß-DHEA and a-DHEA convert to the potent natural androgen dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

These active ingredients are specifically included to enhance mental clarity and aggressive strength while assisting you in your mass muscle building experience. This is a delicate neuro-balanced ratio to avoid effects of lethargy or tiredness from the 4-DHEA. It’s this specific balance of GABAergic isomers from the epiandrosterone and androsterone that eliminates the feeling of lethargy while enhancing your clarity and focus.

Strongest, fastest, purest way to muscle gain.
The fastest way to BIG.

BULK-UP will provide noticeable results in as little as two weeks. First with stronger lifting ability and then with muscle fullness and hardness.

We guarantee it. You will not find a stronger, safer, legal more affordable testosterone enhancement anywhere or your money back.

Please visit our testimonials, reviews and before and afters on our Community Pages. Follow our loggers on their journey through an 8 week cycle and see real people gain real Muscle.

BULK-UP is non-methylated with a balanced estrogen conversion making it easy to stack with any cycle, this includes all ANDRO FACTORY products and non ANDRO FACTORY products: metabolic steroids, anabolic steroids, prohormones and natural T-boosters. Although ANDRO FACTORY strongly recommends to stick to the safe and effective product BULK-UP and the safe and effective line THE GORILLA SERIES we understand that customers do stack our prohomones with other compounds. Depending on your desired gains, protein intake and lifting commitments see the Cycle Stacking Guidelines.

For more information on The Advanced DHEA Complex and The Power of Testosterone please visit The Stack!

The GORILLA SERIES is designed to be the only alternative to injectable Testosterone Enanthate and prescription Testosterone Replacement Therapy.




Do not use this product or any natural or unnatural prohormone, hormone or steroid for more than 8 weeks with out taking an 8 week off cycle.

Whether you are looking for the best possible androgen and testosterone enhancement to gain a competitive edge, or to increase your motivation to gain the body you’ve always wanted or your natural testosterone levels have dropped, ANDRO FACTORY’S BULK-UP will deliver results. You will gain lean, hard muscle, experience new levels of confidence and motivation and an increase in libido that will benefit you by promoting confidence in the gym, on the field, court or stage, in the boardroom and in the bedroom. You will be glad you invested in the most effective and the safest testosterone enhancing and androgen boosting prohormone product available.

Order BULK-UP from The GORILLA SERIES now and gain the power.

ANDRO FACTORY does not promote or encourage the use of any illegal steroids.

CP+R and Once-A-Day Technology
Cycle Protection & Recovery with Time Released Absorption Technology

ANDRO FACTORY has specifically designed CP+R and Once-A-day technology to compliment BULK-UP and The GORILLA SERIES prohormone line; increasing successful prohormone absorption, helping you recovery faster and preserve gains longer. Branding this as the safest method of building lean muscle mass while promoting protection from any possible side effects associated with general male aging, DHEA and Testosterone theropy replacement.

Inside of every soft gel is the delivery of vital nutrients, amino acids, antioxidants and immune boosters for muscle recovery, endocrine, hormone, prostate and testi health (see full list of benefits below). While promoting protection from hair loss, gyno effects and testicular shrinkage. CP+R also promotes new hair growth, anti aging and a stronger recovery. ANDRO FACTORY’S proprietary formula mimics the natural rhythm of your body’s testosterone production. The ANDRO difference is promoting a 20 hour release to allow a specified “prohormone release resting time” encouraging your body to naturally produce its own testosterone during this daily resting period.
Prohormones with Protection.
The cutting edge science behind BULK-UP delivers unparalleled effectiveness along with unmatched safety for people wanting the competitive edge provided by testosterone enhancements. ANDRO FACTORY has minimized any potential side effects by placing the highest quality and organic when available cycle therapy ingredients inside of each prohormones soft gel.

CP+R Cycle Protection & Recovery Promoting:

Androgen and sex hormone regulation, balancing & protection
Dilatation of blood vessels for enhanced nutrient delivery
Anti-gyno effects (blockage of soft tissue development)
Superior antioxidant and immune support
Healthy endocrine and thyroid function
Increase of red blood cell production
Post workout muscle protection
Sport endurance and recovery
41% Hair growth & repair
Healthy cell development
Protein retention
Prostate health
Muscle health
Sexual vitality
Liver health

Once-a-day Time Released Absorption Technology

Proven to enhance delivery of non-water soluble compounds
Delivers active ingredients to the blood stream within seconds
Alternative to topical creams for higher absorption and less mess
Superior absorption over capsules or tablets
Safe & non-toxic delivery system

Up to 95% of our prohormones are absorbed by our Once-A-Day Technology. One daily dose and you have a reliable source of true androgens pulsing through your body for the next 20 hours creating more testosterone and bigger gains. The incredible absorption rate is due to delivering through a transport that processes the prohormones in the lymphatic system avoiding unnecessary liver strain and loss of potency through filtration through the liver. Saturating your blood with a massive dose prohormones, comparable to injectable hormones daily.
Standard and generic pills are dependent on food consumption to be absorbed and even then most of it is filtered and broken down in the liver; deactivating any possible absorption and causing you to have to take multiple doses with unsuccessful results. It is unnecessary to take BULK-UP with food.

Don’t risk your body to dangerous or illegal steroids! Use BULK-UP and GET THE STACK!

Feel the power of Testosterone.


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