can you bulk then cut in one cycle?


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like bulk for the first 3/4 weeks then cut for the remainder? or is it better to stick to standard bulking cycle and cutting cycle
the best thing to do is bulk for a solid 12 weeks then you have bulk to work with just doing a 3 week bit really you hve nothing to cut .ok 12 weeks or then cut..
Yes you can. How long is your cycle? how high is your BF? I mean, if you carrying a lot of extra fat don't expect to lean up in a couple week. If you just wanna drop a couple pounds, go ahead.

As usual, Age/Stats/Cycle experience.
Yes, you can. I have done it several times and it works for me. Generally I would bulk for about 5-6 weeks and then switch to cutting for an equal period.
you can cut and bulk in the same cycle; I've done it a few times successfully. however, it always seemed like my gains didn't stick around as well as they did when I did a much longer bulking cycle and then cut naturally during PCT. maybe it's just the way my body reacts, but gains I made in short periods of time never seemed to solidify themselves and stick around unless I kept lifting heavy and maintaining the calories for 6-8 more weeks.

try it and see how it works for you.
i wouldnt suggest bulking for less then 10-12 weeks. so much of your early gains are temporary.