Canadian QV prices?


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What do my fellow CAN bro's usually pay for QV EQ 10ml? I just got quoted @ over $200 per bottle.Is that a little high or is it just me?

way too high bro!!!!!!!!!! it should be around $75 - $100 american dollars
yeah I know US prices are around the $60-80 mark but NOT Canadian prices.I only know one guy that has access up here and US bros dont like shipping this way and I dont blame them :(

oops my bad, i was thinking QV ethanate. By the time its shipped to Canada, im guessing somewhere around $100-$115 in US dollars.
Heyyo said:
It's not unfamiliar to see high prices for mexican gear in Canada

TT EQ in canada goes for 190-240 (and these are Internet prices)

Brovel Deca for 180-220

T200 for 100