Canadian Schering T3 50mcg tabs


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Has anyone heard of these? I just got some 25mcg Schering T3's from my new source, and they look exactly like my 50mcg T3s (my old source told me they were 50mcg Schering).

Is it possible Schering makes 50mcg and 25mcg look identical...or did I get ripped off?

NOTE: They are white, flat with DMI J16 on top
They should have different imprints for different strengths.

Brand-name cytomel T3 is imprinted with JMI and D14 (5mcg), D16 (25mcg), and D17 (50mcg) imprints.
So I'd guess that you have the 25mcg's now and that the other ones were probably 25mcgs too if they had the same imprint...
I have the JMI D16's and am running 50mcg a day. These feel at least as potent as 200mcg of the ones from our britt freind. I am impressed to say the least.
Thanks guys!

Mine are the D16s (both of them). I talked to my source about it yesterday and he said he would double check...but now I know he was wrong for sure.

Kinda pisses me off because I paid for 50mcg...and also because I thought I had been running 50mcg for the past couple weeks.