My close to Perfect F1RST CYCLE for Maximal Gainz?!? (Very Detailed!) Test+Epi


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First off, thanks to all for reading, reviewing, and/or responding to my first cycle log. My goal is to maximize lean muscle gaining potential(minimal fat) with the dedicated hard work and intensity on every lift, alongside a VERY STRICT diet, with AAS used for a little assistance. My first cycle info below is accumulative of 5 years of reading and studying across many boards and patience to make sure I could get my take off as smooth as I possibly could. OVERTHINKING has taken place for added security measures. Enjoy the ride with me!


Age: 25
Height: 6ft. 6in.
Weight: 265 (120 kg)
BF %: 16%
Body Type: Mesomorph (w/ endomorph tendencies)

My Weightlifting Experience:
I started league football, basketball, and wrestling at a very young age and was put under a lot of pressure from coaches/friends to kick start my weightlifting career at age 12. With all focus on football, at 15 I was a freshman All-American ranking #89 in the nation (#12 out of offensive lineman). My junior year, I committed to a D1 program in the Big East. I left for college in the middle of my HS senior year and started at Left Tackle in 11 of 14 games, as a freshman. At the time, I was blessed to thoroughly work with one of greatest weight training coach I’ve met, who currently works with the Chicago bears’ training staff. Overall, I have been weightlifting for 13 years, but legitimately for 8.

My Cycle Experience:
I have ran Epistane a couple years after I was done with football. Other “cycles” include. Ostarine, T3 (cytomel), Caradine (solo/stack) with PCT always being Nolvadex/Clomid. I know how each of these affect my body and how to properly dose and run them. NEVER HAVE RAN AN INJECTABLE.

My Cycle:
Test Enthanate 500mg/wk – Pinning E3D 250mg/ml
(Note: All test-e is Alpha Pharma Testobolin)

25g 1.5’ needle w/ 3ml Syringe (For Pinning)
20g 1’ needle w/ 3ml Syringe (For Drawing)
(Note: All needles/syringes are Becton Dickinson)

Epistane 40/50/50/60/60 W1-W5
(Note: Epistane is RPN Havoc 2014 sealed original bottles)

Arimidex .25mg EoD
(Note: dosages can increase up to 1mg/ED depending on estrogenic sides)

My Cycle Additional Info:

Avoiding PIP
- When first drawing, leave small air space will be between the oil and Syringe top
- The filled syringe will be left standing up for 30-45 mins to settle and release small air bubbles
- After settling Syringe (w/ drawing needle) will heated in a heating pad for 5 mins
- Needle will change to 25g 1.5’ right before pinning
- Pining will be slow ~5 mins per ML”
- After pinning a HOT HOT shower will be taken
- 35 Full body squats will be performed after shower.
Avoiding Test Flu
- Vitamin C Dosage will double for the first week and a half.
- Zinc dosage will be doubled for first cycle week.
- (Note: See regular dosages in ‘Supplements’ section)
- Colloidal Silver dosed AM/PM (will be taken with Red wine to break through fatty cell walls)

Post Cycle Therapy:
Nolvadex 60/50/40/30
Clomid 200/150/100/50
HCG 500iu/ed (10 days ONLY)
(Note: Nolva/Clomid will be used in conjunction)
PCT Extras:
Creatine Monohydrate 10g/ed
Ostarine (MK-2866) 25/25/25/25
Carnadine 20/20/20/20
DAA Powerchews

Additional Cycle Add-ons:
T3 (Cytomel) 50/50/50/75/75/75/50/20 W4-W10
Finastride .25mg x2/ed AM/PM
(Note: Finastride is Proscalpin ‘Generic’)

Cycle Additional Items:
BD 25g 1.5in Needles 100ct (1)
BD Syringe 3ml w/ 23g 1in Needles 100ct (1)
BD 20g 1" Needles 100ct (1)
Alcohol wipes (1)
Sanitary Gloves

Workout Regimen:
Monday- Chest / Triceps / Shoulders
BB Flat Press x4
BB Incline Press x3
DB Decline Flyes x2
DB Shoulder Press x3
Pec Dec Flyes x3
DB Lateral Raise x3
Low Cable Crossover x3
Small BB Upright Row x3
Reverse Pec Dec Flyes x4
Parallel Dips x3 (10sec lowers walk-ups)
Triceps Extension x2 (Down) x2 (OverHead)

Tuesday- Back / Biceps
Lateral Pulldowns x4
Closegrip V-Bar Lat Pulldowns x3
One Arm DB Row x3
Incline Lying DB Row x3
Close Grip Cable Row x4
DB Pullovers x3
Incline Curl x2 (Regular) x2 (Hammerhead)

Wednesday- Leg / Abs / Calves
Leg Press x4
Full Squat x3
Lunges x2
DB Deadlift x4
Hamstring curls x3
Seated DB calf raises x2
Calf leg Press x3
Russian Twist x3
Decline Sit-ups x3
Hanging Leg Raisesx3
DB side bends x3

Thursday- OFF / Hiit
Mountain climbers x 10 mins

Friday- Chest / Triceps / Shoulders
DB Flat Press x4
DB Incline Press x3
DB Decline Flyes x2
Pec Dec Flyes x4
Machine Shoulder Press x3
Lateral Raise x3
Reverse Pec Dec x3
Triceps Extension x2 (down) x2 (overhead)3
Push Press Machine x3 (failure)

Saturday - Back / Biceps
Close Grip Vbar Lat Pulldowns x3
Behind Head Lat Pulldowns x3
Close Grip Underhand Lat Pulls x3
Machine Row Upper x3
Machine Row Lower x3
Concentration Curls x3
Bicep Machine x3

Sunday- Abs / Calves / Hiit
Russian Twist x3
Butterfly kicks floor x3
Decline Sit-ups x3
AB Crunch Machine x3
Hanging Leg Raises x3
Seated Calf Raises w/ DB & plank under toe x3
Calf raises w/ plank under toe x3
Stationary Bike Hiit x30 secs 1 minute Off
(Note: Some sets include warm-ups)

Extreme Stretching
W1 After Every Exercise
W2 Once in workout on muscle most pumped
W3 After Every full set
W4 Rest the connective tissues.
(Note: W1-W4 will be repeated throughout the cycle and pct)

Morning Kickstart Routine
5 min warm up
- 3 min crump dancing
- 2 min jump rope

5 min Abs (YouTube fitness addict)
- Leg bent up.. Arms out crunches 30
- Leg Up Side Oblique Crunches 30
- Bent legs kick out..kick up arms flat side 30
- Bent leg side pull ins 30
- Double straight leg raises 30

10min Stretches
- Calf Stretch 20 breaths /5secs
- Quadriceps Stretch 20/5
- Shoulder Stretch 20/5
- Triceps Stretch 20/5
- Runner's Stretch 20/5
- Butterfly Stretch 20/5
- Standing Side Stretch 15/5

10min Foam Roller (L/R = Left/Right)
- Spine Rolls 45 secs
- Shoulder Lat Rolls L/R 22 secs ea
- Chest front felt Rolls L/R 22 secs ea
- Upper Back Rolls 45 secs
- Lower Back Rolls 45 secs
- Glute Rolls 45secs
- Quad Rolls 45secs
- Hamstring Rolls 45secs
- Abductor Rolls L/R 22 secs ea
- Side IT band Rolls L/R 22 secs ea
- Calf and Ankle Rolls 45 secs
- Foot Rolls L/R (Ball) 22 sec ea

(Note: Morning routine is added before pinning to get blood flowing to muscles while preparing muscle for day’s activities. Timer will be used for time efficiency)
(Note: Workout exercises will change every 4 weeks to shock and stimulate muscle fibers. Hypertrophy exercises will still be included)

Before reading below, please note that 95% of the supplements listed that I will be taking will be of no cost (courtesy of my college friends and team fans). I am 100% aware that nutrition and macro nutrients should be derived from foods as much as possible. I am not promoting to follow this supplements regimen specifically. However, with studying and reveiwing mutiple lab test results of how each supplement solo and stacked, I feel this supplement stack will even aid me further in my goals. Moreso, I have used every supplement solo/stack listed below (except Nizoral & Metamucil) and have recorded reactions/dosages that works for my own body/bodytype. Extensive research has went into getting this part of my regimen right. I am willing to provide case studies/ scholastic test results to explain the reasons I am taking each, the dosages and timing of each. With access to nearly any supplement you can think of at no cost please feel free to provide add-ins. With all that said I am still a well researched novice, so would love input and feedback from the experienced. Thanks!

Supplement List: (#) = How many I will receive each month during cycle and PCT
Muscle Supps:
Arginine 1000 AKG 120ct (1)
Arginine 1000 HCL 200ct (1)
Animal Pak 44ct (1)
Alpha Lipoic Acid 600mg 60ct (1)
Alpha Lipoic Acid 300mg 120ct (1)
Astaxanthin 5mg 60ct (1)
Amylopro Carbs 11 srvs (3)
BCAAs Unflav 60srvs (1)
BCAAs Citrulline 30srvs (2)
Bioperine 10mg 120ct (1)
Colloidal Silver 8oz (1)
Cordygen VO2 120ct (1)
Caffeine 200mg 60ct (1)
Celery Seed 600mg 100ct (1)
CoQ10 100mg 120ct (1)
Cal/Mag/D3 16oz 32srvs (1)
Carnitine 3000mg 31 srvs (2)
Fish Oil 1360mg 180ct (2)
Garlic/Parsley 500/100mg 250ct (1)
Green Tea 750mg 100ct (1)
Hawthorn Ext. 150mg 100ct (2)
Liv.52 DS 60ct (2)
Milk Thistle 250mg 200ct (1)
Max Multi 180ct (1)
N-Acetyl Cystine 600mg 120ct (1)
Probiotic RAW Men's 30ct (1)
Probiotic 10 300ct (1)
RN Resveratrol 500mg 60ct (1)
Resveratrol 500mg 60ct (1)
Taurine 1g 300ct (1)
Tyrosine 500 mg (4 pills)
Tumeric 1000mg 120ct (1)
VitaminC Crystals 5g 113srvs (1)
Zygest Enzymes 90ct (1)
ZMA 90ct (1)

Joint Supps:
JointSooth 270ct (1)
MSM 1500mg 120ct (1)
Arnica Muscle 3oz (1)
Tiger Balm ultra 1oz (1)
Cissus RX 1600mg 150ct (1)
Hyaluronic Acid 50g 60ct (1)
Sam-E 400mg 30ct (2)

Hair Supps:
Regenepure DR 8oz (1
Regenepure NT 8oz (1)
Rosemary Essential Oil (1)
Argan Hair Conditioner (1)
Argan restorative hair treatment(1)
Emu Oil (1)
Hair Formula 90 (1)
Black Jamaican Castor Oil (1)
Proscalpin Finasteride 50pills (2)

Supplement Schedule: (Window = Empty Stomach / Meal # = With Food)
(Note: Whey Protein shake sources will change)

Window 6am
Epistane 10mg (1 pill)
Fish Oil 4g (3 pills)
Resveratrol 500mg (1 pill)
Turmeric 1000mg (1 pill)
ON Whey Protein (1 scp)
Tyrosine 500g (1 pill) *Not during W4-W10*

Wake UP 8:00am
Arginine 5g (2akg 3hcl)
BCCA Unflavored 5g (1 scp)
Vitamin C Crystals 5g (1scp)
Caffeine 200mg (1 pill)
Probiotics 34 strains (1 pill)
NAC 1200mg (2 pills)
Cissus 1600mg (2pill)
Glucosamine/Chondroitin/Msm (2pills)
MSM (2 pills)
SAM-E 400mg (1 pill)
Taurine 3g (3 pills)

Meal 1 8:45am
Alpha Lipoic Acid 600mg (1 pill)
Animal Pak Multi (1 pack)
Astaxanthin 5mg (1 pill)
Fish Oil 2.7g (2 pills)
Garlic/Parsley 1000mg (2 pills)
Hyaluronic Acid 50mg (1 pill)
HealthyHair Formula (1pill)
Multi-Enzyme (1 pill)
L-Carnitine Free Form 3g (1 tbsp)
Hawthorne Berry 300mg (1 pill)
Celery Seed 600mg (1 pill)
Milk thistle 250mg (1 pill)
Colloidal Silver (1 Tblspn)

Window 10:00am
Green Tea 750mg (1 pill)
Tyrosine 500mg (1pill)

Meal 2 12:00pm
Fish Oil 2.7g (2 pills)
Bioperine 10mg (1 pill)
Epistane 10mg (1 pill)
Syntha 6 (1 scp)
COQ10 100mg (1 pill)

Meal 3 3:00pm
Alpha Lipoic Acid 600mg (1 pill)
Hawthorne Berry 300mg (2 pills)
Celery Seed 600mg (1 pill)
Milk Thistle 250mg (1 pill)
Probiotic 10 (1 pill)
Cal/Mag/D3 (1 Tbsp.)
HealthyHair Form (1 pill)

Window 5:00pm
Cissus 1600g (2 pills)
Glucosamine/Chondroitin/Msm (3pills)
MSM 1500mg (2pills)
Tyrosine 500mg (1 pill)

Meal 4 6:30pm
Fish Oil 2.7 g (2 pills)
Epistane 10mg (1 pill)
Turmeric 1000mg (1 pill)
Garlic/Parsley 1000mg (2 pills)

Window 7:45
Arginine 5g (2hcl 3akg)

PreWorkout 8:30pm
ALA 300mg (1 pill)
BCCA Citrulline Malate 5g (1 scp)
VitaminC crystals 5g (1 scp)
Green Tea 750mg (1 pill)
Taurine 4g (4 pills)

Window 9:00pm
L-Carnitine Free Form 3g (1 tbsp)

Workout 9:30pm
Water Only

PostWO 11:00pm
ON Hydrowhey (1 scp)
WaxieMaize/ MaltodextrinCarbs (1 scp)
MAX Multivitamin (1 pill)
Taurine 3g (3 pills)
Colloidal Silver (1 tbsp)

Meal 6 11:30pm
ALA 300mg (1 pill)
Astaxanthin 5mg (1 pill)
Fish Oil 2.7g (2 pills)
Epistane 10mg (1 pill)
MultiEnzyme (1 pill)
COQ10 100mg (1 pill)
Garlic/Pars 1000mg (2 pill)
Hawthorne Berry 300mg (2 pill)
Hair Form (1 pill)
Celery Seed 600mg (1 pill)
Milk Thistle 250mg (1 pill)
Bioperine 10mg (1 pill)

Window 12:30am
Cissus 1600mg (2 pills)
Probiotic 10 (1 pill)
ZMA (3 pills)
Hyaluronic Acid 50mg (1 pill)
MSM (2pills)
SAM-e 400mg (1 pill)
Arginine 5g (5hcl)
Tyrosine 500mg (1 pill)

Bedtime 1:30am
ALA 300mg (1 pill)
BCCA Citrulline Malate 5g (1 scp)
VitaminC crystals 5g (1 scp)
ALA 300mg (1 pill)
NAC 1200mg (2 pills)
Syntha6/Casein (1scp ea)
Turmeric 1000mg (1 pill)
Resveratrol 500mg (1 pill)
Arnica Gel (On joints/ed)
Tiger Balm (On worked muscle group)

This will be as close to what I will be eating throughout the cycle. Some items/dosages are subject to change. Cheat Meals are not included the few that will occur, but will be listed during actual cycle log. Meat variety will change from chicken breast to moose (seriously). Different carb variations included as well. MACRONUTRIENTS will remain the same.

Grocery List Weekly
Asparagus Spears (60)
Bananas (7)
Eggs (4 dozen)
Blueberries (4 cups 400grams 14oz)
Oats (1 container every 2 weeks)
Green Onion (14)
Portobello Mushrooms (7 cups 602grams)
TripleZero Yogurt (1 quart)
Ezekiel Bread (1 loaf)
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast (105oz 3000grams)
Cottage Cheese LowFat LowSalt (7cups)
Ground Beef 95/5
Spinach (1 carton)
Spaghetti Squash (1)
Light Tuna Bumblebee (3 packs)
Salmon (12oz 340grams .75lbs)
Morton salt substitute
Sodium Free Ketchup/BBQ (1)
Peanut butter natural (14 tbsp)
Protein Chips (7 bags 3weeks)
PurePro Bars (14 bars 2 boxes)
Brown Rice (2 cups 390 grams raw)
Pineapple (1)

Feeding Schedule: (Sample. This will not be every day, but close to it)

Window 6am
ON 100% Whey

Meal 1 8:45am
Eggs x 1 Whites x 5
- Mushrooms 1 Cup
- Green Onions 2 stalks
Oats 1 cup
- TripZero Yogurt 2tbsp
- Blueberry 1/2 cup
- Syntha6 1 scoop
- Fat Free Milk

Window 10am

Meal 2 12:00pm
Syntha6 1 scoop

Meal 3 3:00pm
Chicken Breast 4oz
Asparagus 8 - 10 Spears

Window 5pm

Meal 4 6:30pm
Protein Chips 1 bag
PurePro Bar 1 bar

PreWO 8:30pm
Ezekiel Bread 2 slices
- Peanutbutter 1 tbsp
- Jam low sugar 1 tbsp
PurePro Bar 1 bar

PostWO 11:00pm
HydroWhey 1 scoop
ON 100% Whey 1 scoop
Amylopro Carbs 1 scoop

Meal 5 11:45pm
Chicken Breast 8oz
Light Tuna or Wild Salmon 1 pack/ 3oz
Brown Rice or Yam 1 cup/ 1 half
Pineapples 3oz

Window 12:00am

Bedtime 1:30am
Syntha6 1 scoop
Casein 1 scoop
Cottage Cheese 1 cup
Protein Nuts 1 oz

HairGENERATE Routine:
Finestride .5mg x2 am/pm ED
Regenepure DR & NT (Nizoral 2%)
- Mon/Wed/Fri
Hair Serum
- 15 drops rosemary oil
- 50ml Black Castor oil
- Argan Oil Hair Serum
- Emu Oil
Hair Formula 3/day
Argan Oil Restorative Conditioner ED pm
Silk Du-rag

Water Intake:
1.5-2+ gallons per day


Calories: 3700/ed 4200/leg day
Protein: 430g (45-50%)
Carbs: 350g (35-40%)
Fats: 65g (15-20%)

Daily Intakes:

Sugar: 100g
Sodium 3000-3500mg
Fiber: 60-75 g

Again thanks for reviewing my cycle. I will be hopefully starting this in the next few weeks. As this is my first time with injectable test-e I am open to as many suggestions and corrective criticism (provided reason and facts) that is offered. Huge shoutout to my close friends and team fans for the support with giving me free access to the many supplements and items in my first cycle.

Do I have the GREEN LIGHT?


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Wow very impressive, I'm sure the veterans will find some holes but from what little I know I didn't see any. Welcome!


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Very detailed for sure. IMO you are almost over taking supplements. You are eating like 30 pills a day. Maybe take a multivitamin. I just don't see your body actually utilizing that much supplements. For example, you are taking 7 fish oil pills in 3 different times of your day. Overkill bro.
Also, I don't really think that you need to take all of that "Hairregenerate" protocol. You are only taking 500mg of test per week. Everyone is different but if you need that much protection from hair loss on something this simple, you are in for a rough time.

I feel like you might be reading some old school crap book about supplementation.

Just my .02


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Why not get a full meal in at meal 2? I'd also drop the ostarine from pct or run it on cycle


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Run hcg from beginning of cycle up to pct. Same with adex. I agree that your going way overkill with the supplements. I take some gear and eat real food. That's it. Simple works. Definitely overthinking. You would need a full time assistant to keep up with all that lol! Only thing for pct is nolva and clomid. Your clomid dose is a bit high. I would run 50mgs every day throughtout. You can get some bad sides running to much clomid. I didn't see bloodwork being done anywhere. Save your money on all those supps and get bloodwork done.

Read the beginner cycle stickys...


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Sorry op, ive never read that much of anything in one sitting in my life. But from the comments, it sounds like you have done your homework....way to go!!
And, welcome to Ology;-)