Cancer Survivor and Steroid Cycle


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I was beat sarcoma cancer in 2004. ( no chemothraphy, only radiotherapy) I'm 45 yrs old now and I'm thinking to go streoid cycle for fat loss + lean mass. Can be a any danger because of my cancer past?
I have worked with a few cancer patients over the years.
The single thing that worked in every case, was a complete change in their diet and in part their lifestyle.
Do not use anything like masteron, equipoise, dbol, or anadrol.
All those create too much waste products in the blood which for a normal healthy person is not too much of a problem, but for you it might be a bit too much to maintain normal health. Stick with the safer stuff, such as Nandrolone (300mg/week), Low level test (200mg/week).
And at most HGH in doses of 2iu per day, in bursts of 6 weeks, with two months rest in between.
I would also advise a whole foods plant based diet for at least 6 months to one year; no meat, fish, eggs, or dairy.
For pure recovery and boosting all your organs and systems, there is no better way. You might also want to check with your doctor to get a prescription for Klaire (brand) pre and probiotics (they come with a cold pack). Those are laboratory grade, and they will rebuild your intestinal fauna to pristine health status. This is often required to prevent ungodly amounts of gas, due to the intestines not being able to efficiently digest all the plant matter, because of years of meat and refined sugar combinations. (which kill off the natural fauna in the intestines)

Also check out "The Gamechangers (2018" on Netflix.
You'll thank me later.
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