Carbs or Fats?

Eat it or Beat it!!!

Forbidden from buffets
Guys im at a fork in the road with my diet. I dont no whether i should continue having higher amount of fat in my diet or minimalise the fat and add in the carbs.

I must confess, i am a carb freak and my body doesnt respond badly from the carbs. Ever since i finished my show in nov ive kept carbs to a min (150 per day) and fats at about 75-100g.

What are other bbers thoughts on this matter and how to u approach ur diet post show?
yes dirk ive finished with my trainer as of late dec and just found that the diet side of things wasnt working well with me...dont get me wrong i had a great time and the workouts were unreal and have improved drastically. Walk talked regarding this some time ago and im still interested in working with ur. drop me a line of how ur dieting principles work and ill shoot through some updated pics
im looking for a lean gainer as im doing a lot more sprinting and speed work with my sport. My stats are 23 at 5'10 and roughly 220. On the last wks of my first enth 500mg per wk cycle