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ok i was training last night and talking to one of my buddies who used to be a big gear head who is going to be gettin back into it soon... his buddy who gets him his shit gets pretty much anything and evertything you want, vet grade, human grade. etc etc... and he was telling me about this stuff that he has... it's made strictly for site injections.. he called it a "Cell Splitter" you direct inject it into the muscles that you want to get bigger and it promotes new cell growth in that area so you get bigger?? or something along these lines.. while he was at his buddies this one guy in the town who is MASSIVE and is a competition body builder came in and grabbed a bottle of it and looked at my buddy and said "this stuff is the fucking shit it makes you huge" and then took off... was wondering if anyone has heard anything like this before?? i'm gonna try and get my hands on a bottle to grab the information off of it to see who makes it and what not... but was just wondering if anyone has heard of a product like this before


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I have heard of something very similiar to what you mention. It came from a body builder who got his pro card many years ago, I cannot remember the name, however he did tel me that there were very bad side effects such as savere throwing up, and getting the runs. The side effects seemed to horribe to speak of so why do that to your self ! Getting big has to have some limitations !


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Prostaglandin 2 alpha. Dharkam wrote a big article about it on mesomorphosis.com

It is a chemical which induces uterial contractions in women and is responsible for child birth.For us men, it makes people puke and defecate for abt half an hour long after administration but it sure makes muscles grow.

The pathway through which it induces growth is related to arichidonic acid i recall.

Real gd stuff but i can't get it here in SE asian.And i hate that.