B bOy CrAyOn

Learning the Ways
im trying to lose some fat around my midsection but keep my size at least, if you cant really put on size while trying to cut down....

i seem to get hungry a lot, is eating cereal a good idea to fill me up when i feel like i wanna just eat everything in sight.. some special k or honey bunches of oats....so in that case i would prolly be eating 2 to 3 bowls a day.... and have a shake right after my work outs... and 2 or 3 small meals of some meat and rice or whatever
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a lot a cals in cereal and most cereals are also full of sugar so if your gonna do this be very careful with what your buying.

Personally just try and get 6-7 good meals (these include pre and post WO meals) in a day approx every 3 hours.

These meals should mainly consist of lean protein, fruit, veg and good carbs.

Try and get most of ypur carbs PWO and 1st meal of the day and also ensure u get a EFA supplement.
im sorry but i havent been on here in a while so i always forget the abbreviations .... so can u guys remind me what PWO means and EFA supplements ?
stick with oatmeal and mix some chocko protein with it w/water...add splenda if you don't like the taste ....I tried it and like it better than cereal.
I gave up milk bcz of the processed suggar and trust me you will lose the weight alot faster if you just cut out some of the bad habbits of eating sugar that you have got used to. good luck.