Body weight/ Size vs Doseage


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Just looking for some experienced user opinions. Does body weight / size influence how your dosing should be for a cycle?

For example I am 6'3" 140kg bf about 15%. I have strength trained since I played Rugby in my teens so have a good base of muscle and training ability and knowledge.

I have been running 180mg test now for approx 18months as trt as im 40yr old now, but am looking to run my first cycle. So far im looking at dosing wise 400mg test / 200mg mast for ai properties / 200mg deca for joint health. this puts the total dose up to 800mg of aas.

I have been advised by a more experienced lifter that i should up my Test to min 600mg and add 100mg to the other 2. Hes a relatively similar build to myself. Any naturally big framed guys here have any real world anecdotical advice ?