Chanes to my cycle...need help


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Changes to my cycle...need help

This is my first cycle and im already 5 weeks in. From prior advice and talking to the boards Im fixing to start this...i want yall to tell what yall think of this sudden additions to my cycle. I happened to pick up a 3 cc's of dbol 50ml, 1cc vial of sust250 and 1 cc of T200. This is how im going to add what i picked up. (my original plan was to do 10 weeks @ 1cc per week of T200, since this is my first cycle). To my understanding dbol needs to be taken once a day..but i only have 3 cc's of it (and for you who ask why i only have 3 cc's...i got these for free so i wasnt complaining)

Week1 : 1cc T200
Week2 : 1cc T200
Week3 : 1cc T200
Week4 : 1cc T200
Week5 : 1cc T200; 3days later 1cc Sustanon (sust) 250 <--current 1/31
Week6 : 1cc T200; 3days later 1cc T200 again
Week7 : 1cc T200; 3days later 1cc Dbol 50mg
Week8 : 1cc T200; 3days later 1cc Dbol 50mg
Week9 : 1cc T200; 3days later 1cc Dbol 50mg
Week10 : 1cc T200

Im making some good gains from the base T200...i dont want to go to freaky since its my first cycle....i can prob get 2 more CC's of round of this cycle....Just need your opinions if this is a good way to add what ive got to my cycle.

--thanks guys
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maybe use those cc's of dbol before leg day or soemthing, but u really wont see anything from them besides increased pumps and workout aggresiveness on those 3 days, u prolly wont gain more form using them