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i see on here that some of you use a cheat day. i was just wondering if on your cheat day do you go all out and eat what ever you want or just cheat at one meal? will a cheat day once a week screw things up if you are trying to get lean?
welcome bro a cheat day doesnt set you back to much unless your homing in on a contest then everything is critical , just dont go nuts on your cheat day if your low carbing then 1 day a week with some pasta and rice will work great but a dozen donuts and a gallon of ben and jerrys wont cut it
On my cheat day, I have one real cheat meal, and a couple little cheater snacks throughout the day.

It will not screw things up if you are trying to get lean, it's actually a good thing to do, as hard as it may seem to believe.
Most people are not disciplined enough to have a whole cheat day. (me included) I would go with a cheat meal. Eat whetever you want for 1 meal. You really can't screw yourself up too badly that way. The extra calories will probably do you good, boost your metabolism.
i have one cheat meal where i eat anything i like but on that day i'll eat foods that i wouldnt normally but are considdered healthy


protein bars
Cereals (not stuff that's sugary but stuff like meusli or shredded wheat)
thanks for info. ill try the cheat meal. im such a freak about eating something bad for me. im afraid i might wake up the next day lookin like fat bastard.

thanks for the welcome dadawg!!! it's always cool to come across one of the dawg pack. bark at the moon bro!!!

this place is very informative and everyone seems to know their stuff. great site biggie.

I usually have one good cheat day every week. Usually on Fridays and my diet remains as normal until the afternoon when I add in a little extra goodie and dinner is usually higher carb and fat plus drinks. About twice a month I add in one other cheat dinner...the food is usually not going overboard, but I will have a few drinks which is what puts it into the cheat category. That's my girl's night out! The scale may show a little funk the next day or two, but after that, I'm back on track, so I assume it's water retention from the drinking.
i think your body adjust to any diet especially super strict ,the cheat day/meal helps fool your body and keep it from adjusting , especially low calorie diets
i think a cheat meal, not day, is a good thing. keeps the body from becoming stagnet with the same old same old. just dont go overboard - still use some moderation and judgement.

I too just have a cheat meal and it's usually pasta. I don't think i could cheat for a whole day, that would make me feel terrible, probably all bloated too. Contest time, no cheats, ya gotta be strict, or it will show onstage!
Welp, i have maybe one two at most cheat meals. Or one meal and one cheat snack. I dont so this every week, just until i cant take it no more. :)
Mystical said:
Forget cheat day... I am working on a cheat month right now...

LOL!!!!!!! :blue:

For some reason cheat days have helped me lose weight or I try and have a cheat day and the food tastes "too rich" or something.
i like mrs. puddle idea of a few drinks. i think i'll make my cheat day a carb loading day of BEER!!! LOL
when dieting a cheat meal is always good once a week it can shock the bodya dn help promotbetter fat lose results. but when i'm bulking its a;ways a cheat meal (i guess thats why i get so fat when i bulk and cant seem to lose the fat)