check out my thyroid results


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i went to a new doc and he switched me from zoloft to paxil for social anxiety. Any way he did blood work and some of the thyroid stuff was alittle outa range. Also my total cholesterol was high but my hdl was good. I did eat peanuts before the test thou even thou your suppost to fast.

TSH 0.82 normal being 0.40-5.50

t4 4.8 4.5-12.0

t3 uptake 43.2 H 22.0-35.0

t4 , free , calculated 2.07 1.53-3.85

what do u guys think. I used some t3 in the summer and i was on about 200-300 of test when the blood was taken? thanks
It's good that your checking your functioning.

I'd like to know what all this means, if anyone can post or provide a link. I'll be running T3/Clen in the summer and want to know what to look for.
well the reason my doc checked was because hes a physc and he said alot of the time anxiety issues are from thryroid issues. he said that my brain is pumping out tsh thyroid stimulating hormone so thats not the case but he seemed like the others werent the best they could be.
by the way i was running injectable tbol that i made my self for like two weeks i think and stopped right before the test and my liver values were normal just for conversation sake.