Clean and Press


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Anyone else do these??

I like to sub clean and press in place of seated bb military every other week. Man these are great!!!
ya, my traps were hurting like a mother fucker and it;s been 3 days later. So it's going too be a main part in my routine now.
I miss them tremendously. Until some of my aches and pains heal up completely I have to shelf doing these completely.

They are fantastic
I throw in standing military press in the smith machine(I am short enough to do them) in place of seated BB militarys sometimes. I have found I like them a lot better when in higher rep ranges. You guys are def. right about the cleans though, I used to do them at the start of most of my back workouts and my traps were sick. A good variation of those is to try it with dumbells if your not going too heavy, they are a little hard to catch in the middle position though.
they are killers !!

I started doing them last week, and it's really good for overall body, just like the deadlifts.

no other exercises make me sweat that much :)
they are a tremendous fuckin power movement and they will build some stout ass shoulders as well, i do a day of strictly power movements(hang clean, snatch, flip dip drive, jerk press) every week, and i incorporate them on those days
Every other week my overhead presses are done standing. On the other week I do bottom position overhead presses with a bar and no back support.

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