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just asking for the fiancee.

takeing clen in syrop form 2 weeks on 2 weeks off, how much should a girl take roughly she is 130lbs 5'4 and just wants to lose a bit more fat.

Has she ever used it before? When I use Clen, I myself do two days on two off or sometimes I do one on, one off, depends how I'm feeling on it but two days on, two off, seems to be the typical routine.
Now, dosage wise, that's really going to depend on her. A lot of the reading that I've done, has suggested 80-100mcg a day for women but I myself feel pretty nasty on that dosage. Some people can handle that dose, some can't. Make sure you are dividing it up into two dosages, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Maybe start her with 25mcgs twice a day and see how she feels on it before upping her dosage. Be sure to include Taurine in her supplementation while on the Clen. This will help prevent any nasty cramping that is so associated with Clenbuterol. Hope that helps.
i am with your Fyre.. clen=tired??? that is the first i heard of that... unless you are referring to the coming down part.. yea, then it can be total exhuastion.. but while it is working and in your system, you are up up up... the liquid clen/syrup IMO is even more potent that the pills.. gets ya even more amped
i've never taken clen syrup so this is a wild guess, but some are extremely sensitive to sugar and get tired after the insulin rush drops their blood sugar... i know if i have pancakes and syrup that happens to me but im not sure how sweet ventipulmin is, so like a said, just a wild guess
I agree that when you "come down", oh yah, i feel really tired but that's usually time for my second dose anyway. Now, i must confess that on the days that I'm not on the clen, I totally need to take some ephedrine or something because then I'm tired. Throw a yohimbine in there and voila!
For myself, I've used the pills and the clen syrup and I find the syrup stronger. But again, I guess it's really a personal thing. Some react different than others.
Best cycling of Clen

Week 1
7 days- 40mcgs 60mcgs 80mcgs 100mcgs 120mcgs 120mcgs 120mcgs
Week 2
7 days- 120mcgs 120mcgs 120mcgs 100mcgs 80mcgs 60 mcgs 40mcgs
Week 3 and 4 ECA stack to combat lethargy and let receptors heal.

Start again and do it for 8-10 weeks.

2 days on 2 days off is not advisable as clen remains in the system much longer than the ECA stack.

Good luck.

Hi there,
I am new to this site and have a few questions. I am 27, 5'7 and weigh 160lbs. I am looking to loose 20lbs and are thinking of using clenbuterol in the syrup form-it is the only kind I can get. I am not sure about dosages. Does anyone have any advice.
As far as the Clen syrup, the Ventipulmin brand, females should really never go higher then 1 full pump per day. Of course this depends on the athlete in question but for a beginnner, working up to 1 full pump per day after about 3-4 weeks of use sounds reasonable.

To properly dose the clen syrup when taking less then 1 full pump per day, I highly recommend using an 18 gauge needle with syringe and drawing up your desired amount and shooting it right into your mouth. (Take off the needle before shooting in your mouth please)
Just wondering if anyone can tell me how may tsp or miligrams to take what does 80mcgs equal to in tablespoons or miligrams???? Please hlp. Thanks