Clen x RAD140 Stack: Logs


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Hello everyone,

My bunnyhamster has recently bought Clen and RAD140 to run alongside one another. I am posting this to see if there is anyone interested in this stack and if anyone would like me to log the gains and losses of my bunnyhamster. I will start this off by saying that my bunnyhamster does not care about the input of others in regards to other people advising my bunnyhamster to not take these aids. My bunnyhamster has weighed the risks very carefully following 30+ hours of research into these two aids as individual supplements as well as running them together. My bunnyhamster has concluded that he will nevertheless run this 12 week cycle unabated.

As I am not familiar with the rules of this forum, I will refrain from naming the lab in which these substances were purchased. Both substances are in liquid oral form. The Clen came in a 30mL bottle at 200mcg per mL. The RAD140 came in a 30mL bottle at 30mg/mL. Bunnyhamster's dosing protocol over the 12 weeks will be as follows:


Week 1: 20mcg start; scaling by 20mcg daily not to exceed 100mcg/10mg ED

Week 2: 100mcg ED/15mg ED

Week 3: OFF/15mg ED

Week 4: OFF/20mg ED

Week 5: 120mcg ED/30mg ED

Week 6: 120mcg ED/20mg ED

Week 7: OFF/20mg ED

Week 8: OFF/20mg ED

Week 9: 140mcg ED/30mg ED

Week 10: 140mcg ED/30mg ED

Week 11: DONE/30mg ED

Week 12: DONE/30mg ED


Starting Blood Levels: All Normal (Cholesterol, Blood-Pressure; etc)

Starting Weight: 240lbs

Starting Lean Body Mass: 175lbs

Starting RMR: 2452.8 Calories/day

Starting Diet: 500 Calorie Deficit

Starting Calories Burned via Exercise: in-between 680 and 745 Calories/day

==[Training Protocol (Every workout followed by 15 minutes of HIIT on bike and 15min 3.5mph inclined walk)]==

Monday: Chest/Shoulders/Triceps

Tuesday: Back/Biceps/Traps

Wednesday: Legs/Core

Thursday: Core/30-Minutes Inclined Walk @ 2.5mph

Friday: Chest/Shoulders/Triceps

Saturday: Back/Biceps/Traps

Sunday: Legs/Core

==[Rinse and Repeat]==

bunnyhamster's goal is to lose 30-35lbs of fat while increasing lean muscle by 5 to 10lbs; giving a net result of between 215lbs and 220lbs and a net bf% result of between 14 and 17%. I understand that exercise can be nothing but consistent and diet needs to remain extremely strict much longer past the 12 weeks. I believe that if my bunnyhamster achieves anything close to the results he's looking for that that would not be an issue. my bunnyhamster gained so much weight in the first place because he started a company and treated his body like shit and obsessed over expanding and growing.

AGAIN: I am looking to see if anyone would like to follow this log and is interested in the full potential of this stack given that results will be extremely noticeable due to the target bf% loss being a loss of 12 to 14% and LBM gain 5 to 10lbs over 12 weeks. Bunnyhamster WILL run this stack REGARDLESS. If you have any suggestions as far as whether or not HIIT or cardio should be done, please chime in.

The thought with this stack is that since RAD140 is undoubtedly and statistically an extremely potent SARM which not only aids in the decrease of muscle wastage but increasing protein synthesis and therefore aiding an atmosphere of lean muscle growth, and since Clen also helps to decrease muscle wastage but increases the average body temp and results in a significant heightening of the metabolic rate, that bunnyhamster should be able to increase LBM while decreasing BF drastically whilst still being under a 500 Calorie deficit high protein diet and including mild cardio.

Please chime in