Clomid VS Nolva!!


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Well TxLonghorn wanted me to stir up a debate so here we go...curious to know what you bros like best for post cycle..Clomid VS Nolva..and maybe a quick explanation as to why!!
can someone explain to me on how nolva will help you maintain gains? I am under the assumption that it is for gyno symptoms only, and i have seen a few post where in excess during, it may hinder, and i have found at least to me that while on nolva for to long, it did seem to take away from the cycle...and why does no one advocte the use of proviron..i am a big advocate of it, it can help against gyno, keep some bloat down and help harden muscle slightly...i decided not to run provior on this cycle from the start, and although my gains are fine, i see myself holding a bit more water and my muscles are not as hard, although they are not soft by no, i added it into the cycle...and i am on omna (old) and dbol....

Search FG for "Clomid - the big lie" I haven't gotten to read it yet.

Nolva will help dump water, so strength gains would be compromised if nothing else.