Yup, But it can also make you as emotional as a bitch. Some guys start watching Soaps and crying when Kitty has Rex's love child. LOL!!
i break out bad... i never break out on test,,,, just during the clomid... and i do feel like crying alot of the time... never horney though
thanks bros....i was wondering...i have heard about the emotional, but the horny i had to check on and i dont get along with my girl, but now she thinks i am totally into her, both figuratively and ltwerally....

Ya.. I get the horny part, but not much from the emotional. I just keep reminding myself that my hormone balance is all screwed up.

I break out really bad on clomid too. Didn't have much from test.. but the second week of being off I got a little acne, and then the day I started clomid.. it got worse. Oh well.. it'll go away.
Doesn't get me horny, but it does get the jizzy factory to increase its productivity. I also believe it affects my skin just like DBol, I'm on a clomid recoup cycle right now and its just hanging on me definately like dbol did after a couple weeks.
i am getting oily skin and starting to break out a bit on my back...and i notice the jizz is more girl can swallow better now she claims....hmmm.....ok this post is getting a bit gay.....sorry bros....i think i will go cry

I dont get more horney....nothing compares to me on test!

Do get emotional...guys dont you think its funny how we can relate to women now....

I think I have found Peter North's secret to large loads!
I think I get the blues a little bit, I'm down to 50mg and no real issues though right now, still hits my skin though.