Concerned about recent psa test results

I have been on TRT since March of 2018, using 100mgs weekly of Cypionate.

I am 57 and will be 58 years old in September, in two more months.

When I was in my forties my PSA was under one most of the time, but sometimes it would reach 1.0 or 1.1

Since starting TRT my PSA has fluctuated back and forth between 1.41 and 2.18 between April 2018 and November 2019.

In December 2020 it was 1.86.

Then in April 2021 it was 2.05 but last month on June 23, 2021 it jumped to 4.06 when I tested it.

This past Monday, three days ago, I did another PSA test and it dropped to 3.3.

That’s a reduction of 0.76 BUT it’s still 1.25 higher than the usual reading in April of 2.05.

The highest it had ever gone before was 2.18 in November 2019 and then back to 2.05 in April of this year.

Every DRE that I have had over the years by both GPs and Urologists has been normal, but I have not had one done since December 2020, about seven months ago.

I did have sex and I worked out hard in the gym that week in June when it was at 4.06 and I've read that both ejaculation and exercise can raise PSA, so I avoided both for five days prior to Monday’s test.

I was also abroad for the entire month of June, from June 1st until August 1st, in the Dominican Republic and I used Sustanon 250 instead of the Cypionate I get in the U.S.
Because of that the dose was higher. I took 125mgs of Sustanon 250 every five days while there. Now that I'm back in the States I'm using the Cypionate again.

I have no history of Prostate Cancer on either side of my family.

Monday’s test was twenty six days after the one that was 4.06, so did I test too soon or is that enough time for irritation to the prostate from sex or exercise to have resolved itself?

Are these numbers and fluctuations concerning? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.