couple of qustions on PH cycle


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couple questions bros:

Question 1
Planned PH cycle:
T1-Pro: 2 mL applied twice daily will allow absorbtion of roughly (weekly) 467 mg of 1-test and 233 mg of 4-AD and last almost 8 weeks.

i will run:
4 on -- 4 off-- 4 on -- 8 off

would you do this, or run it higher at 4mL twice daily?

Question 2
now if i wanted to run nolvadex as the ONLY post cycle therapy (pct) drug how would you run it?

i was thinking:
run it like you would if you saw gyno:
40mg day 1-3
20mg/day remainder of bottle

Question 3
if i get clomid im gonna run it like this:
Day 1 300mg (maybe 200 if i can only get 20mg/ml and a 50ml bottle)
Day 2-11 100mg
Day 12-21 50mg.

does that sound right?

1. Assess your tolerance and gains. If you're not happy after week 1, up the dose.

2. If you see gyno, start the novla at 60mgs ED until it subsides

3. Looks fine.
thx YJ, but

how would you run nolvadex if you wanted to use it as your only post cycle therapy (pct) drug, and no clomid