Looking for a new start on trt


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Been on trt for 12 years now. Age 39. Before trt my test count from multiple tests was at 110 and 117. Hypogonadal. I do 100mg e6d. While it’s helped I’ve never felt close to 100%. My total t over the years rests between 450-650, 450 is after a draw happens day 4-6 from shot Higher number is maybe day 2-3. Estradiol after a year of being on Trt was 33 now is 47-52.

I did do hcg for a year for fertility and felt no benefit from it. Was given letrozole once but that was a bad idea.

Have went to private docs and and the va and stuck with the va. They treat to 5-600 total t and don’t worry about e unless it breaks some 5-1 or 3-1 ratio of t to e.

I guess where I am at is this. I have some old clomid stashed away and could try a restart but at this point it would be fruitless. I get enough test to do up to 200mg per week. But am afraid my e will raise further and my hct as it is hovers around the high end.

While I could improve lifestyles choices for weight and such and I have, run do CrossFit diet appropriately etc. I can only get down to half where I want to be and it takes some starving etc. while I don’t have gyno in man boobs and such I do feel cloudy at times and just blah.

And the other part is I’m just tired of jamming a needle in my A$$ weekly and everything that goes along with it for something that maybe puts me feeling 70% and I know I can’t stop what I am doing. I have looked at testopel and maybe doing that maybe I will get an even approach and even if I feel the same as I do know I can stop with the injection mess. Yes tried creams and patches once and they actually made my numbers go south

Any thoughts
These changes can include improved mood, increased energy levels, and enhanced libido. 2. Physical Changes (3-6 Months): The physical effects of TRT, such as increased muscle mass, decreased body fat, and improved strength, often become more noticeable after several months of consistent treatment.